Brown 5 Days After Af

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ksmom - June 19

Hey ladies, well this is strange for me, yes i know it could be old blood coming out but i wasnt sure. Anywho, I had a m/c in april, my af came june 7th lasted 8 days and today is the 19th, and everytime i went to the washroom n wiped, THERE WAS BROWN MIXED WITH MY CM. Could it just be old blood?? I know i have a doc apt tomorrow but he will go on bout how big i am and blah blah blah like last time. So i was just wondering if anyone had any input on this or not. Wel thanks ladies :)


Patti - June 19

I would guess (only a guess) that it's old blood from your af. I've heard of a little blood during ovulation, but I would think you're probably ovulating now or just ovulated. Sorry, I'm not really any help. I haven't had any similar experience. Sorry about your miscarriage. I had an early miscarriage in November and was pregnant after my next regular cycle end of December. So, hang in there and best of luck to you.


ksmom - June 20

Hey Patti, well i went to the doc office today for my results back from blood, well they didnt come back and well supposedbly i didnt do them on the right day of my af. (which he never told me the exact date, he said anytjme after the 1st day, but not the last day= so i went on day day 5 (day 3 was sunday anywyas so i couldnt go, plus i had to book off work for blood, and had a 8 day period, figuring it was ok) MAN DID HE FLIP ON ME!! I came home crying. So now i have to go back for more blood tests (same ones, tomorrow, plus when i get my period, im supposed to go get them done either on day 2 or 3) So I dont know what to do....I hate this guy, my actual doctor, told me, he was the best OB in MJ. But I mean i wanna ttc now, ive had a regular cycle, and well its good enough for me, so ya, Thats my story, oh and i asked him bout the brown stuff, he said it was old blood but he wasnt sure, he asked how much there was i said only a bit, he said well, it could be maybe old blood.......grr i hate him. Advice, would you ttc now, or would you wait again for af?? just curious. Thanks



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