Bummed Out TTC Twins Via U P Clomid

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Carolina73 - April 7

So, I'm bummed. I'm still on BCP's. And AF isn't due until Sunday (because of my pills...) but I'm cramping and spotting. Yuck. So I'll probably get my AF before I actually get my clomid in the mail Sucks. Just my luck, huh? Blah. It's not fun. Oh well. This means I have to wait until next month. I guess I can get more religious about my BBT until then. I set up a page on mycycle. It's an awesome website. You can keep track of your BBT and your CM on there. I love it. Who's planning on trying next month?


lauren565 - April 8

hi there im currently ttc twins on u/p clomid too. Still awaiting my meds through the post from the USA - im in uk. Cant wait to start. Went to my Dr this morning and tried to get a prescription for it and he immediately said no. Then i said what about if i order it over the internet from america? His face dropped and he went balistic, saying do i want to kill myself? What a jack a__s. I cant believe it. Still gonna do it.!! Anyone in uk on this forum that wants to give eachother support? xx


Carolina73 - April 8

He must of spazzed out pretty bad. I'm still waiting on mine. Who knows when they'll arrive. I'm excited though! Super excited. Hopefully they get here soon. I'm not going to be able to start this cycle, but I'll start next cycle. Oh well. It won't hurt me to wait a month. Just bums me out.


kalokairi - April 8

there is no point tracking bbt if you arent ovulating because you are on bcps. the whole point of bbt is to pinpoint ovulation.


Carolina73 - April 8

I know, but I've always been in the habit of it. And I'm quitting my BCP's at the end of this week.


kalokairi - April 9

well at least you are used to waking up at the same time and taking your temp before moving already, that was difficult to get used to when i did it


Carolina73 - April 10

I always set my alarm. It wakes me up. I check my temp. And it has an auto-recall for the last temperature, then I just go back to sleep. Ha ha ha. But I use a site called mycycle and it has charting stuff on there, cervical mucous tracking, etc etc. It's an awesome site for fertility planning.



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