Bump In Cervix Is That My Uturus Entrance Hanging Low

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Jessy - May 2

In my 1st trimester at 2 and a half months pregnant (after 2 pregnancies w/c-sections) I found this bump deep (at the end) in my cervix that has a little hole in it...could this be the entrance to my uturus just hanging from being stretched out by the other pregnancies? It never did this before on my other pregnancies..I'm very prone to have yeast infections....especially during pregnancy, so I try to keep them at bay by keeping myself very clean in there...what do you think it is..and has anyone had this before??


Audrea - May 2

Everyone with a cervix has and indentation right in the middle of it where the opening is. That is where it opens when you go into labor. You really shouldn't be messing with things up in there while you are pregnant. You could accidentally stimulate preterm labor if you mess with the cervix too much. That is how some doctorts try to start a woman with contractions to get her to go into labor, it is called a cervical sweep. Your body knows how to clean itself where that area is concerned if you don't mess with it.


Jessy - May 4

Thank you so much for your input, I'm glad it's nothing to worry about, If sweeping it causes me to go into labor, then s_x most CERTAINLY would, don't you think? It's right there, my husband doesn't have to go far to hit it..as far as I know..I remember being stimulated to start contractions on my second child, but they did it by going up there and actually breaking my water, not JUST stimulation...then they gave me pitossin as well...I wasn't messing with that part of my body until I got married and started having s_x and the yeast infections came on a regular basis...all the monistat in the world just wouldn't get it going...and that shot effects for yeast infections is not good for baby OR nursing baby, and seeing as how I haven't had a break in babies OR nursing...that shot has ALWAYS been out of the question..so I found prevention to be the best bet..when it gets itchy I'll use water to clean it out, like a douche or somthing and I check in there from time to time to make sure everything is ok..this was the only time I ever felt this strange thing, so that's why I was asking...thank you SO much for your input, Audrea!


dee - May 4

How many weeks total are there in a full term pregnancy?


e - May 4

jessy--you should NEVER douche...that can actually cause you to have MORE yeast infections, or get other infections...douching can wash away all the good bacteria in your v____a, causing the yeast to overproduce and cause a yeast infection, or it can cause the bad bacteria to be able to reproduce, since all the good bacteria are gone and can't fight it off. You are probably causing your yeast infections by cleaning yourself inside there. Keep yourself clean outside your vagine, but don't actually clean in there. Also if you are having recurrent yeast infections, and having s_x while you are having them, your hubby could be pa__sing them back and forth to you. Especially if he is uncirc_mcised. Best bet is for him to keep himself really clean, and don't have s_x until your infection has been clear for quite a while. My dr has told me before if the infection keeps coming back then hubby may need to be treated also. I hope this helps you some...and I am the one that replied on your other threads about this same question...what you are feeling is not a bump in your cervix, it is the cervix itself. It may be lower now that you are pregant, but like audrea said, you shouldn't be messing with it while you are pregnant. Another thing I forgot to add about douches...there is also a chance that when you douche you may push some bad bacteria up inside your uterus, which can cause infections. You should really talk to your dr about all this, and if your dr says douching is okay, seriously think about finding a new dr.


e - May 4

to dee---there are 40 wks total



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