Bump On My Butt

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nicole - March 18

a day or so ago i noticed this large bump on my butt and it hurts like a whore to do anything that isnt putting pressure directly on it. to get up from sitting hurts, to lay down hurts, to bend over hurts, pretty much anything. so i dont want to go to the doctor bc i think its a boil, but doesn anyone have any ideas of what it may be and if so any at home ways to fix it that are safe for the baby?


kitty - March 18

sounds like something i had a several months ago! i was embarresed about it, but it got to a poitn were it hurt so much i asked my mom about it. she said to pop it!!! i was no way it hurts tooooo much!! but she said it wont go away and get better unless you pop it and remove the head.(gross! gag!) with her help, i poped it, and boy was it gross. you have to make sure you get out and much puss and gunk as you can(gag again). then put some triple anitbiotic ointment on it. thats safe still right? because its topical? but anyway do that keep it clean, and put a bandaid over it, because it can and just might bleed while it heals. be sure to squeeze out more gunk if you notice it while cleaning. i did that, and in like a week it was healed enough to go without a bandaid over it. i still dont know what it was. cept it hurt so much i cried when i popped it.lol


Liz - March 18

I hear boils can be a common occurance in pregnancy-OUCH!


Heather - March 18

If it is a boil than I think you can use drawing salve. It smells HORRIBLE but is painless to use. You just put it on with a bandaid and in about a week it should be gone... Again that is if this is a boil. Good luck!


nicole - March 18

see a couple weeks ago my bf had something like it but his was on his thigh and he said it hurt, but with his u could see where a head would be, of course he messed with it too much. but with this thing its just a smooth hard painful bump. my mom said she thinks its a hemorrhoid(SP) and today my bf said the samething. but i always thought that hemmorhoids(SP) developed in the hole(sorry to be graphic) and this monster is on the outside(partially in the crack and partially on the cheek, but in the general area of the hole, agaion sorry to be graphic). ive never had a hemmorhoid before so i have no idea if it is or not, but like i said its hard smooth and VERY painful, ive tried to squeeze at it as much as i could stand and nothing came out. so i think it may be a hemmorhoid but i thought they were always in the hole. again sorry for being graphic.


To Nicole - March 18

I had a boil or an outside cyst. They are very painful!!!! For a long while it did not have a head either. It was just a huge round bump that hurt like a beotch! It was in the crease of my leg where your jeans bunch up. I had to go to the Dr. He surgically removed it. I suggest maybe seeing a female Dr if you can. That way you can get the best info on howw to get rid of it and something that is safe for the baby as well. Good luck ;o)


Billie - March 18

I know that this is an embarra__sing subject but I had one too. I use an OTC topical called Boil-Ease. It takes the pain away but you can only use it for 3 days!!


leslie - March 18

ohh God just to how Kitty describes the whole procidure about popping it it gives me GOOSEBUMS!! I mean I don't have nothing like that and I hope I never do!! But is this common only when you are pregnant or any time in your life?


Billie - March 18

Well I can't answer for anyone else but I got one before I was pregnant!


Heidi - March 18

It could be a cyst. I've heard of other people getting them in that same place! They had to go to the doctor and they clean it out and pack it full of cotton so it doesn't fill up again. Gross, but true. I heard they're very painful. You may want your doc to check it out. You don't want that to get infected!


nicole - March 19

well i think its a boil i saw a head now i have to just find a washcloth to bite on to try and pop it


Dr. Swift (Sean) - April 19

Nicole it's sounds like you have a very common infected sweat gland or hair follicle called a boil or carbuncle. These usually take care of themselves, however you should watch for signs of fever or nausa. Boils can causes severe bodily infection nothing to mess around with while pregnant. Be careful while " Popping this boil" because the Puss filled lesion can spread to other parts of your body causing more boils. There are several over the counter medications to treat this condition. I strongly suggest you seek a Doctor instead of popping. You may need antibiotics or surgical drainage.. (i caution you listening to these opinions about your health and the baby.. These people appear clueless)


Jbear - April 19

My dad had a bump like that on his face. He tried popping it, and he and my mom put all sorts of goo on it, but once he had messed with it, it turned into a big crater that kept growing. He had to go to the doctor and get ma__sive doses of antibiotics. Please be careful with yours, even though it's not in as visible a place!


rae - May 2

one day i noticed i had a blister on my b___t and i finally got it to go away but is that common in pregnancy? also the other day i tried on some pants of mine and i couldnt zip them up(just last week they fit fine)my b___t is all of a sudden huge! any thoughts?


crystal - May 2

It sounds to me like you had something i experienced. I had what they call a pylinodial cyst, which was kind of like a hard smooth bump like a boil almost. It occurs most often in the crack. Mine was in the crack on my tailbone (almost on my cheek). so if i were you i would get it checked out. I actually had to get my removed in surgery because it got so bad. Usually they hurt when you sit, run, bend. Sometimes they can pop on their own also, but they will come back


oreo (female) - May 3

I have this strange thing on my b___t, its not inside or anything like that, but its close to it, I just called my mom and she said I will check it tomorrow cuz its 1:39am , so anything this thing is long and narrow it looks like a long bump, but i cant see it, have any ideas what this is? it hurts too


smiley - September 9

If and I say IF, you have a boil that keeps reoccuring, this may be signs of something else. Check out the website www.hs-usa.org I have HIdradenitis Suppurativa and have lived with these boil-like lesions for over 30 years



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