Buying Maternity Clothes On Ebay

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Thrifty - September 23

Hi...Just wondering if anyone has ever purchased maternity clothes off of ebay. I was told this was a great idea. If anyone has how did it work out?


Amy - September 23

i have got 4 shirts and all went great but i did bid on a out fit that i have not recived and it has been since sept 9th but i get a lot from ebay and all things have went well:)


Evy - September 23

I got three pants and two shirts. Love all of it! Especially the pants.


Michelle - September 23

I have done it with a couple of items and I love it!!! You can get stuff so much cheaper. Just make sure to find stuff in good condition. Most people are honest on there and just trying to make a dollar.


Becky - September 23

I have bid on quite a few maternity items, and won several, but lost quite a few, too (maybe to one of you guys?!). I think it is definitely the way to go to familiarize yourself with how different brands fit. Also, I don't live near any maternity stores, so Ebay gives me some access to clothes that I wouldn't be able to buy unless I made a special trip. I've gotten 3 pants and shirts outfits, a group of long-sleeve shirts, and am waiting on another 2 shipments to arrive. I don't love every single piece, but considering what I paid for them and that I'm really happy with other pieces, I guess it all evens out. Just make sure you check on shipping price before setting your maximum bid. Good luck!


mom42 - September 23

I was able to get nursing gowns and a few maternity clothes. Not a lot of selection near me (they must not realize women outside of major cities get pregnant too-lol), so it is a great option. Some things get pretty pricey, though, so make sure to price compare with on-line stores -Old Navy is sometimes good and has a flat shipping rate.


Thrifty - September 23

Thanks Girls I think I will try it out.


Jenn... - September 23

I put my maternity clothes up for auction on ebay. Search for seller jennisashiningstar


Leigh - September 23

I have purchased regular clothing, but no maternity clothing (yet!) From my experiences, regular clothing is great, so I'm sure maternity will be fine as well. My recommendation is to either ask for a few simple measurements of the clothes before bidding (make sure there's room and room to grow) and/or find out the brand and then go to that brand's site and find a measurement chart. By using these methods, you will virtually avoid all ha__sle in poorly-fitting clothing. Have fun!


Lisa - September 23

It's worked out perfect for me; I've been getting almost all my maternity clothing there! I love it!


Dez - September 25

right after my daughter was born I sold all my maternity clothes in a lot on ebay, everything worked out except that my baby is almost 10 months and im pregnant again, and I need maternity clothes, lol!!!



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