C Section Question Do They Cut Thru Scar Tissue

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E - August 4

I am wondering if a second c-section is less painful than the first. My incision site is numb and always will be. If they cut through the scar tissue, is the recovery easier? How does this work?


N - August 4

I was told they cut right beside the old scar. As far as recovery goes, i'm wondering the same thing myself.


BBK - August 4

E, I think it depends on the Doc, but most of the time yes. I do believe they'll cut some or all of the old scar tissue out depending on what condition it's in.


E - August 4

I hope they do not cut along side it. My scar is very noticeable and I do not want a set of tracks on my abdomen. It seems logical that if they cut through the scar tissue, although this can be difficult at times, the post-op pain would be lessened due to severed nerves from before. I hope this is the case. Not that I am expecting, but I have oftened wondered this. Thank you both for responding.


Amy - August 4

E Hi i'm 11wks5d and this will be my 4th c-section and yes with out a doubt i think they got lots better when i had my first i felt like i could not even move and i don't think i did for four days and when i did it felt like my guts were going to fall out then my 2nd and 3rd i was up and around as soon as the numbness wore off so as for as i think ya it gets better and they do just go over the same scar


semper - August 4

Surgeons never us scar tissue for new inscisions due to the altered tissue a__sociated with scars (compared to normal tissue). In terms of removing the old scar, this is a matter of asthetics and can only be done on the skin surface, not in the underlying tissue. In other words, the surgeon may be able to make a new incision and then remove the scar in the outer skin. But this is not usually the case unless you have surgeon that is into plastic surgery.


tiffani~96 days to go!! - August 4

E~ My second C Section was easier on me, but that may just be because I knew what to expect. That, coupled with the fact that my son was taken to the NICU at another hospital helped in my recovery (the quicker I recovered, the quicker i'd be released to go and see him). As far as cutting through scar tissue, yes they do. My first C/S was done in less than 15 minutes, the second took atleast 30, because the doctor had to go through the scar tissue from the prior one. My 2 scars are about 1/2 inch apart and are hardly visible. My numbness did go away, so maybe yours will too. It does take a long time, well over a year before the nerves heal.


E - August 4

Amy, do you have three separate incisions? Semper, that is not always true. I used to volunteer in the ER... I was allowed access to two open heart surgeries, where one man was being operated on for the third time. They cut through his scar tissue, but had an exceedingly difficult time doing so. Are you referencing c-sections alone, or all surgeries. Having seen it with my eyes, I know that scar tissue is sometimes incised.


semper - August 4

cutting throught scar tissue is generally not recommended. This is one of the first things that is learned in Med school. Scar tissue is fibrous, lacks adequate blood supply, partly why scars are discolored, and is less likely to heal as the surgeon would want it. It is possible that for open heart surgery this is disregarded, possibly due to the thin layer of subcutaneous tissue below the sternal skin, but for the C-section, where there is layers upon layers of endothelium (bloodthirsty muscle, and uterus) I would be very surprised if they went right through the scar. But then again I am not a cardiac nor a obstetric surgeon. You should ask your obstetrician!


tiffani~96 days to go!! - August 4

I definitely remember my doctor saying she was cutting through scar tissue when I was having my 2nd C/S, which was why it takes longer to deliver the 2nd, and each subsequent one. Like I said before, I have 2 seperate scars, so maybe it was a thin layer of scar tissue that had spread a bit, because she didn't cut directly through the original scar.


Amy - August 4

E no my first is lnoger but a differnt dr did it but they all look just like one


Misty - August 4

I haven't had the second c-section yet. But I am going to because there are too many risks for me to deliver naturally. I remember from my first that the numbness definately did go away. It has been just over two years though since I had my son and I can't remember just how long it took to go away. But I do remember that it went away. It isn't even slightly numb there anymore. A little sad to think that they cut you open in a new place and I will now have two scars there, and if I get pregnant a third time I will have three scars there. I had never even thought about it and if not for this I would have been amazed when I looked down afterwards and saw two scars.


E - August 4

Thank you everyone. I appreciate all of the advise. I guess I will truly know after the fact... I was under the impression that you do not get any feeling back around the scarred area. I had surgery on my leg when I was 8 yrs old, and still cannot feel the area around the incision. Semper, are you in the medical field? You seem quite knowledgable, and I thank you for your help.


Jen - August 4

I had a c-section 9 years ago and I still cannot feel the the bottom of my scar. (It's a vertical scar)


E - August 5

I meant adviCe. (:p)


chel - August 5

I have had 2 c-sections, and yes, they did cut through scar tissue the second time. The doctor went right through the original incision. Recovery was much easier the second time also.


Karlavogel - August 30

My dauther recently had to undergo open heart surgery and our cardiologist recommended Dermalmd scar treatment serum. We use it twice a day on her chest and unlike other people's experiences her scar has not turned purple nor are any of her clothes stained. I personally think it's a great product for a good price!



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