C Sections Do They Ruin Your Stomach Forever

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Worried - June 28

Is it harder to get back into shape if you've had a c-section? I'm not kidding myself that my stomach will ever look flat again, but I was hoping it would return to some sort of normality. Does it damage the abodominal muscles for ever if they cut them? When can you start exercising again?


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 28

You can bounce back almost 100% after having a C Section. It does damage the abdominal muscles, because they are cut through, but they do heal. I'm not sure if you'll ever have a perfectly flat stomach again, but you should be able to get really close with some strict exercise. :o)


BBK - June 28

Some women combined c-section/tummy tuck...... it's one way to get rid of fat cells ......or is it just the Hollywood crowd?


E - June 28

Yeah, but when you remove fat cells from one area, your body has a mechanism to build new fat cells in a different part of the body. Can't remember the term for it but I learned this in a neuroscience course, years ago. The key is to modify your diet and excercise so you don't grow new cells, or enlarge the ones that have shrunk and are "dormant".


Good Lord! - June 28

I was extremely self-conscious about my body before getting pregnant! I pray I don't need a c-section, I can't imagine being MORE uncomfortable.


Callie - June 28

Yes your stomach will never be the same, you cannot tighten the muscle that has been cut for it has been damaged, I had my last baby 9 years ago and am pregnant now and will have to have a repeat C-section, but before I got pregnant I was a slender 125lbs at 5'6 but one area that could never be fixed was my stomach after my last c-section, the muscle is damaged after being cut, so I am looking foward to after this next one in September because hubby is gonna get my stomach redone cosmetically, like a mini-tummy tuck (since there is not alot of fat, just a damaged area) so that I will look more in sync with the rest of my body, I cant wait!! So in essense, you will be skinny again or whatever you were like before pre-pregnancy but you will probably never want to wear a bikini if your self conscious like I am, I just could bear to have anyone see my jelloey stomach, even if it was small, gross.


Callie - June 28

6 wks after wards you can start excercising again, this may vary from doctor to doctor though depending on the individuals situation...


Nicole - June 28

I had a section in January and the doctor did it quite a low incision above my pubic bone. I lost the weight fast and my stomach went back to being flat again. I had no problems with the section and will have a planned section with my next!


keeks - June 28

Well, I hate to say this. My stomach is not flat. I workout two time a day. 1 hour each time. I do 200-300 crunches a day. Nothing!!!! I am a very shapely women. Everyone think my body is great when I'm in good shape. These people haven't seen me without clothes.....heeheee..... This happen when I was 20 years old with my first. I am now 29. After two c-sections, I thank god for my two babies, but wish he would give me back my stomach........heeeheee.......I have also thought about libo and a tummy tuck. Like E said, the weight could go in other places when you put on weight. I workout, so I will likely go for the tummy tuck. If i can find a Doctor to do a tummy tuck and c-section at the same time. Hopeful ttc will work this month. Then in 9 months I will have a brand new baby and a beautiful tummy again....heeheee.....Good Luck!!!.......Keekee



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