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Kristin - November 8

My doctor has told me that it is safe to have one serving of caffeine a day. However, I have had about 2 a day - 1 hot chocolate and 1 Pepsi usually. I did very well in the early weeks, but now at 30 weeks I have been have these 2 servings almost daily. Does anyone know if I am seriously harming my child, or if this is okay?


Cathy - November 8

I was told up to 2 cups of coffee per day. Coffee generally has more caffiene in it than pepsi and hot chocolate. I think you are doing just fine.


Anne - November 8

I'm sure you're fine.


Kristin - November 8

Thank you ladies. I think I am at the point where I worry all the time too, so it makes me feel worse. I feel better now. Thanks again!!


Jamie - November 8

I drank 4 sodas a day...I know, how unhealthy of me. But, my baby is A-okay.


liz - November 8

your fine and well with in normal limits. I had suffered severe headaches with my last pregnancy and my doc said I could choose to take narcotics or try drinking lage quant_ties of caffiene. I choose the caffiene and it worked like a charm.


Kristin - November 8

Yeah, I would prefer soda over drugs... I have been craving Pepsi bad lately and it helps because I have been feeling tired again. Thanks for making me all better.


geri - November 8

2 cups a day is fine...but i would not have any more


KM - November 8

its fine,. just make sure you drink plenty of water because caffeine dehydrates you. It really isnt that big of a deal. You have no idea how much chocolate i ate whille preggo, :) and my doctor said it was alright


Jbear - November 9

I had a lot of caffeine during both of my pregnancies, with no apparant problems. I tried to eliminate caffeine from my diet late in my 2nd pregnancy and had terrible headaches.


Kristin - November 9

Thanks for the advice. I'm trying to cut back on the chocolate intake, but my doctor said as long as I'm not eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I'll be alright. Some days I feel like I have it that often though ; )



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