Caffeine During Pregnancy

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Hailsa24 - January 12

Okay, I just found out I am pregnant. I have a caffeine addiction Mountain Dew! I have been trying to cut back, but I've been getting headaches. Is it okay to have a couple glasses of coke a day? I usually drink 6-10 cans of soda, but I've cut back to only 1-2. Is that a good start? or do I need to completely cut it out of my diet?


lawlady72 - January 12

I am alsoan admitted Caffiene addict. Coffee is my thing and Starbucks (most caffiene) is my favorite. I used to drink 2 cups in the am, a large starbucks at around 2pm and 1 or 2 cups after work. My doc said I do not have to cut it out completely, but she said switch to something w/less caffiene and cut it back to 2 cups a day. My problem was my body expected the jolt in the middle of the day, so what I do is a 1/2 caff. coffee in the am (followed by a decaf) and another 1/2 caff. in the afternoon. It gives my body some of the caffiene it's missing during the day. I'd say switch to Mug Rootbeer (no caffiene, but will fool your body) and have save that real caffiene for when you feel the headache coming on. Under 500mgs by the way is what most docs will say.


cindernar - January 12

Have you tried caffeine-free Coke? It takes just like regular Coke, in my opinion. Same with tea. However, I still have a few Cokes a week. And I try to drink decaf coffee, but if it's not available, I'll drink half a cup or so in the morning. I don't think a little bit of caffeine a day is going to hurt. 6-10 cans might be a bit much, though... :) Good luck with that!


savy - January 12

I've read that no more than 300mg's of caffeine/day is ok. I've been drinking a 4oz cup of decaf each day, and that's the my limit. Not to say that your daily intake of caffeine is ok, but if you think about it, our parents, and grandparents were not aware of the effects of caffeine back in the day, and we came out just fine. My grandma said she drank a few cups of coffee/day and she smoked cigarettes while she was pregnant (with all 4 of her pregnancies)! Mt. Dew has quite a bit of caffeine, so try buying those little cans. Sorry I wasn't much help.



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