Caffeine Withdrawal

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Gem - January 22

Hi I was just wandering if any of you have cut down or cut out your caffeine intake. I usually drink about six cups of tea a day but now that I am TTC I have started drinking mainly de caf tea with the occassional normal one. All week I have had a headache and I have been feeling tired. Has anyone else felt like this. I am hoping to get my BFP on 26th Jan and I am having a hard time trying to figure out if it is the caffeine making me feel like this or pregnancy.


Been There - January 22

It probably is the caffeine. You'll adjust. It's okay to slow it down instead of just going cold turkey.


livdea - January 22

I've cut out all caffine now that I'm pregnant. But they say that a cup a day is okay. And I'm sure that the way you are feeling is the withdrawl! Yucky! good luck!


Tye - January 22

I am a big caffine person too in the beginning I tried to still drink it a little and it would make me violently ill so since about 9 wks I have totally cut coffee out. It's very hard because I am always on the go and have to reley on my natural energy to keep me going. I still have like a soda a day and chocolate so I still get caffine from that but I don't get reaction anymore since cutting out the coffee a day. I recommend if you are getting a reaction from the tea to stop drinking it.


galatia - January 24

I found that after 5 weeks I just couldn't stomach coffee (even though I'm a huge coffee lover). At the moment I can't even stand the smell. I can't drink tea either. The headaches only lasted a few days for me, so I guess I'm lucky.


krc - January 24

caffeinne is a toxin. So is candy and junk food. When you put alot of toxins in your body and then you stop. You get all kinds of withdrawl symptoms. And you feel terrible. Kinda like drug addicts....the body needs those things to feel " normal " until it is purged of the toxins. Hang in there and keep off the caffeine and the headaches will go away.


krc - January 24

oh..did you know green tea has caffeine, alot actually but it is a healthy version. Try that ! ( Not the pre-maid, name brand cold green tea in a bottle either, but a hot cup of tea from a teabag ! ) remember...natural !!!


Johnna - January 25

You should try to cut down atleast on the caffeine I read in a OBGYN book about pregnancy that it was okay to drink 1 to 2 cups of caffeine a day so try if you need some not to drink over 2 cups a day.


Christophers-DawnC - January 25

I have a 14 wk old. It is very common for withdrawals. So I still drank 2-3 cokes a day. I nurse now and still drink 2 cokes a day and sweet tea. JUST use common sence and dont abuse it. My lil guy is healthy and growing like a weed



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