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Denise - August 23

It is really bad to have been drinkink a coke a cola once a day every other day? Also I have lost at least 2weeks without taking my prenatal vitamins.


chelsey - August 23

I drank pop drinks, like one a day! Just dont subst_tute it for your water and milk. Still drink plenty of those. 2 weeks and no vitamins? I'd start taking them right away. Your body needs those extra vitamins and stuff.


Denise - August 23

Yeah I started today the vitamins but it is the soda that I feel guilty about.


chelsey - August 23

dont feel guily, I also drank coffee in the mornings! I'm addicted to French Vanilla... Anyways, you're allowed to consume a certain amount of caffeine a day. Can't remember how much, but I think its equivalent to 2 cups of coffee. Why did you go so long without vitamins?


amb - August 23

I "try" to only drink one coke a day, i drink iced tea but thats not much better. but i do drink like 6-7 bottles of water a day plus 2 gla__ses of milk. so yeah maybe thats why i pee all night long.... hmmm... lmao


Denise - August 23

I went on vacation and forgot them. Plus I have been really sick and my midwife said that if a missed a few days it would be okay.


Denise - August 23

I am only four months and I pee at least four times at night.


Jen - August 23

I am seriously a caffeine addict. I still drink my coffee everyday. But I also drink a ton of water, oj and milk. I just can't quit!


chelsey - August 23

amb - I heard that Iced Tea isn't good becasue of the aspartame in it. Once again, dont remember (kid took my brains), but thought I'd pa__s it along! But I drank that too! I never paid much attention to the "rules and regulations" handbook of pregnancy, I drank and ate what I wanted pretty much, and if it made me feel bad, I didn't. (no hate mail please...I stayed away from alcohol!)


to Denise - August 23

Just do it all in moderation. Doesn't seem like you are over doing it at all, but if it would make you feel less guilt definitely cut back.


K - August 23

Has anyone tried that vitamin water? I thought it might be a change from regular water.


Julie - August 23

I have drank a cup of coffee every morning during this pregnancy and did the same with my son and he is perfectly healthy.


April McIntyre - August 23

I was picky about no caffiene for the first half of my first pregnancy and it did not do anything to help her vs my younger where i wasnt as a matter of fact my older one is hyperactive and my younger one isnt


April McIntyre - August 23

oh, i forgot to tell you 1 you need to watch that you don't let your self get dehydrated from all caffienated and not water 2 i could not keep my prenatals down with either of my kids for about half my pregnancy and the only problem i had is the constant low iron that i always have anyways


cc - August 23

The only negative effect of caffeine that has been found is the tannin in caffeine supposedly decreases your body's absorption of iron and calcium. So its advised that you don't drink the caffeineted beverages during important meals or when taking your vitamin. And, not all iced teas have aspartame, few actually do. Read gum labels too. Aspartame is used to sweeten some low fat and fat free yogurt as well. One note on much worse do you think the chemical used to "un-caffeinate" a naturally caffeinated drink is than the caffeine itself? I wonder.


angela - August 24

Don't sweat what you've already done. Drinking a few sodas won't be a problem. That said, coke is full of chemicals, sugar and caffeine and laying off it for the rest of your pregnancy is probably not a bad idea.



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