Caffine Intake

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Angela M - October 12

Is caffine bad when you are trying and are pregant? If I can have it how much?


A - October 12

Studies are being ran on this. General consensus is to steer clear though.


lynnstress - October 12

My doctor, and all that I have read, said limit to 2 cans of soda -OR- 2 cups of coffee per day. Ask your doctor.


d - October 12

I am 39 wks preg and my doc says I can have 2 cokes a day. Granted I still have sweet tea and mt dew. My lil guy is OK Just had a 32 wk final ultrasound to check one more time for any abnormalities


R - October 12

My doc says 1-2 cups/cans are ok. Usually I have 1 & then decaf.


Lisa - October 12

Too much is not good, I keep to about 2-3 cans a week. I was never really a pop drinker anyway. I always loved Root Beer and there is no caffiene in that anyway..but as far as Pepsi and such I only have a few gla__ses a week. Usually the bottle goes flat on me...


ally - October 12

Unfortunately i gave up the smokes, well fortunately more so........ the coffee was a hard one, i still had a few a day, maybe 3. My daughter is fine and i love my coke but tried to cut down


lucy - October 13

if 2 cups of coffee are ok then why does everyone (or at least Americans) go cold turkey on the caffeine?! I am sticking to my one cup of tea a day until i hear reason otherwise.


to lucy... - October 13

not sure.i agree...i am preg with my fourth and i still enjoy one to two (no more than that) cups of coffee or coke a dr said that was fine...i still enjoy a gla__s of wine with dinner two or three times a week (no more than that) dr also said that was fine... and i eat hot dogs and chocolate..and all of my babies have been fine..this one looks good (34 weeks tomorrow)..i think we get a little paranoid here in usa...


Lisa - October 13

I agree with the last post...I think most of the times doctors tell you to abstaine from everything because they are afraid of getting sued today. A couple gla__s of pop, a couple gla__ses of wine a week, a hot dog here and's not going to hurt. I still have my few gla__ses of wine a week, it relaxes me and my baby has been getting great check-ups and ultrasounds every 4 weeks. I'm not worried.


hey lisa - October 13

HI Lisa just curious, How far along are you?? I would like to have a gla__s a wine and I am in my second trimester what do you think? I know you are not a doc but just wondeing


to the last post - October 13

when not pregnant i have a gla__s of wine a night ..may be two (sometimes..not usually because i drink expensive wine)...but when pregnant my husband and i both feel comfortable with one gla__s of wine every other night. go to and it has some research you may want to read.


Lisa - October 13

I'm 19 weeks along. I've had a couple gla__ses of red wine a week since I've been pregnant; my doctor does not have a problem with it and neither do I. I checked out that website by the way before, I still believe one or two gla__ses a week will not hurt.


Lisa - October 13

Sorry, I misread your post. I did reaf that before though and it was very informative. I only have a couple gla__ses as well as I like the expensive stuff, there is nothing worse then a cheap bottle of red wine.


to lisa - October 13

may be we are talking about a different web site? the one i listed has a bunch of research that basically says that light drinking during pregnancy is fine...and sorry to angela...i know this post was originally about caffine...which i think most of us say is fine in moderation


Lisa - October 13

So am I, one or two gla__ses of red wine a week....not a bottle!



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