Call Me Dumb But I M Confused

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jamers - November 4

Ladies shed some light my way! My cycles are long, and really irregular but lets say about 40 days. My lmp was Sept 23, 2007. I thought it could be possible I may have conceived on Oct 20 (since I ovulate late) but I did the pregnancy calculator thing and it said I would be six weeks along right now. How does that work, if Oct 20 was only about 2 weeks ago? I started experiencing spotting 4 days ago. Wouldn't I have been spotting (if it was implantation bleeding) long before 6 weeks??


Greeklady28 - November 4

Do you have any signs before you ovulate? I personally feel minor cramping and my temperature goes up a little for a day. Take a pregnancy test and see if you are pregnant. I took a test 1 week before A/F was due and it came up positive. If you are not pregnant, try to look for signs of ovulation in your next cycle and good luck conceiving.


Gla__schicky - November 5

I'm confused about mine too. My lmp was on August 23rd and I went for an ultrasound on Nov 1st and the lady told me I'm around 7 weeks... I also did the pregnancy calculator and it said I should be around 10 weeks. Things aren't adding up, I've never missed a period in my life...I'm hoping my doctor will be able to shed some light on the matter on the 13th. Keep us posted on your situation though, did the doctor say anything about your spotting?


jamers - November 5

I really dont have any signs when I ovulate, and if I do I'm unaware of any! Gla__schicky, when do you think you conceived? I haven't been to the doctor yet for spotting, I go on the 6th. I just don't get how it says I'd be six weeks... I tested for pregnancy this morning and it was negative. but it's only been about 2 weeks since I BD'd.. ???


bubbasmom - November 7

I'm not sure about a longer cycle, but on the "normal" 28 day cycle, on the day of your missed period, you are 4 weeks pregnant. The calculations are from the day of you last period. So, if you last period was Oct. 1st, on Nov 1st you would be 4 weeks. Its calculated this way b/c most women remember the day of their last period but may not always know they day they actually conceived. I would imagine its the same for a longer cycle - it would be the number of weeks since your last period. Hope this helps


Gla__schicky - November 7

Hey jamers, I have no idea when I conceived, according to the pregnancy calculator it was September 8th though but I'm not sure if we can trust that! I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday the 13th so I will keep you posted!



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