Calling All Aussies And Brits

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Lisa - October 10

I have friends from the UK and Australia and they have children and they have all had wine during pregnancies. Do you find the North American outlook on drinking alcohol very harsh towards women who want to have the occasional glass of wine? I know I do and I prefer the British and the Aussie way of thinking. This is not meant to start an arguement between who is right and who is wrong, I just want to know personal experience from both sides of the pond. Thanks!


Kate - October 10

I'm from the UK, and all the professional advice I've had, and any books I've read, suggest that pregnant women shouldn't have any alcohol AT ALL. Is there an a__sumption that we're told it's ok to drink then? And out of interest, has anyone in UK actually been told this? Suprised that people think that!!


Lissi - October 10

I'm a Brit and was also advised not to drink. Opinions here are changing, now that they are unsure if there is a safe limit of alcohol. Most of my friends didn't touch a drop whilst pregnant. I did weaken on special occasions and have a gla__s of wine, but felt so guilty afterwards. I think it's best to be safe rather than sorry, and not drink at all, if you can help it. It's hard in social situations though.


(another) Kate - October 10

I'm also from the UK, I never really raised the question with my midwives because I was happy enough to give up completely during pregnancy, however, both my sisters-in-law had the odd drink while they were pregnant. I think there's a lot more research going on in the UK now about the effects of drinking during pregnancy so it's becoming less common.


geri - October 10

I am from the usa but I do drink occa__sionally while pregnant and always have (this is my fourth child)...i am 33 weeks and throughout pregnancy i have had alcohol. my dr said light drinking is fine. i even got drunk once before i knew i was pregnant (which i DO NOT recommend) and he said don't worry about it (i was about one week past conception...)the key is you have to know how much a serving is...i have no more than one serving every other day and my dr said this is still considered serving is a 4 or 5 oz gla__s of wine (about 12 percent in alcohol) or a 12 oz gla__s of beer/wine cooler (at around 3.5 percent) careful with the wine coolers...they can have 6 percent in it...then i would only have 1/2 of one...some beers have less than 3 percent ..those are usually the best to have ...i don't know about pure alcohol because i don't drink guess is 1 oz at 22 percent is a serving but i would look into that...there is no evidence that light drinking will hurt the baby and i have researched this pretty well...i can't live in a bubble ...but if you choose not to drink than don't ...that is ok...go to read that and see what you think. let me know if you have trouble finding the web site. blessings


Lisa - October 10

It was not meant in a bad way, that you do not care about being pregnant or the child you carry. I am on expat so I've had a chance to meet a lot of Europeans from all over and Aussies and the women have all had wine during their pregnancies. I'm sorry if I typed it that way as that was not my intention at all. Being my first pregancy I asked all kinds of questions from all the women who had children and that was the answer I received.


ally - October 10

I'm from australia and i just a__sumed u should avoid it during pregnancy, i had a couple of drinks new yrs eve, that was it for 9 mths and i really still dont drink, guess im old now, 34. dunno..... I do think ppl in the us are perhaps more adamant about it then us aussies though.......


sian - October 11

i am from australia and i have always been told and read not to drink any alcohol during pregnancy.



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