Calling All Ladies Who Had Periods Bleeding During Pregnan

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smskam - January 23

Can u please tell us ur personal experiences if u experienced any bleeding or periods (whatever u want to call it) during ur pregnancy. How common is it really?? I keep hearing doc's saying u can't have periods or period like bleeding atall when preg but many say u can. And implantation bleeding is only very light and not heavy. So please write ur experiences 1: if u had any bleeding which u thought were periods but found out later u were preg. 2 :Also how was the flow 3: duration and 4: during what phase of ur pregnancy did u have this bleeding . 5:Did u talk to ur doc and what did they have to say?? ANy other additional info would be great! Please help us . thanks in advance


g - January 23

I had thought i got prego after my last period but my DR changed the due date so that means that i had one last AF after i concieved and he agreed thats what is was. It was a regulur as. At 6 weeks i had a threatend miscarraige and bleed for three weeks after. I am now in my 7 month and doing ok. My doctor said that half of his patients bleed during the first trimester for no reason and most are fine. So it's weird and i wish i had more answers for you. Good luck.


Leah C - January 23

I had a 'period' for almost half my pregancy and they were quite heavy and long too. It did not seem to be implantation bleeding either. I kept going to the doctors and he would make sure it was not coming from the womb and that the baby was fine. He did not have any answer for it and besides that everything else was perfect. I would make sure your doctor keeps an eye on it though. Good luck and don't worry. I think it is more common then we think.


smskam - January 23

Dear G and Leah C , thanks so much for ur feedbacks.. I mean I have been reading that U CANNOT BLEED LIKE PERIODS during pregnancy and I have also read a lot of such posts by other ladies that say they definetly did have periods like bleeding and not spotting which most docs say is common and so wanted some personal experiences.The docs and experts always say if u have periods like bleeding it is m/c. so thanks again.


smskam - January 24



smskam - January 25

i have been researching this info . just last night i saw an article on on planning pregnancy and it said there, that some women have their periods even after being pregnant and so do not realise that they are pregnant for long. it was just one sentence and this article was written and edited by doctors.. so it has to be true right?? But I don't get it ...why most others continue to say "u just cannot have periods... u may have spotting or light bleeding but not periods" when so many ladies are saying they did... atleast they should mention that in rare cases or in a small percentage it is a possibility!


Tess - January 25

Yes, I have. I had some light bleeding towards the end of my 1st tri- - almost 2nd tri. We were in the movie theater when this thing happened. I was so nervous when I found out I was bleeding. I immediately called my nurse and she told me to come in the next day so they examine me and check on our baby. Thank goodness nothing is wrong. My doc said theres a blot clot outside my uterus thats causing the bleeding.....He said I shouldnt be alarm not unless Im feeling any abdominal pain or it gets took me almost 3 wks to have my discharge go back to normal....Now Im almost 24 wks pg. - - - 2 more wks and Im in my 3rd tri. Im very excited....


smskam - January 25

tess, it seems like ur condition is more common.. i know any kind of bleeding can scare people.. but i am told light bleeding/spotting is ommon.. but what i was trying to find out was regular periods on regular schedules and the flow also being periods-like... which i always heard was impossible... by the way that website .. i spelt it wrong... it here is the link ...


smskam - January 25


smskam - January 25

i do not know why the whole link is not coming up.. it is not ht-m- but htm one word..... easier to go to and check the pregnancy planning article byMedical Author: Leon J. Baginski, MD, FACOG Medical Revision Author: Carolyn Janet Crandall, MD Medical Editor: William C. Shiel, MD, FACP, FACR


tigerlilly - February 12



bambi - March 7

many pll say many different things,the truth of the matter is every one is different ...Ia cousin of mine had here mense the whole 9 months her kids are taller then me hahah get a check up to make sure evevrythings ok .


JazzlikeMraz - December 24

On this site you can find information on how common pregnancy bleeding is. As well as what normally causes it. I searched "Periods during pregnancy" on this site, and found an answer. You should too. Maybe get a second opinion from a different doctor.


xvkx - December 26

Early on I had quite a bit of spotting. At around 8 weeks I got was was comparable to a light period (no tissue loss) and cramping, which quite scared me. I found out there was a cyst in my uterus and was put on bed rest for a while. Now I'm 21 weeks. :)


amber508 - December 29

I had a heavy bleed, and then spoting all through my 1st pregnancy, and I had a healthy 9 lb 9 oz 21 1/2 inch baby girl. I was on bedrest for 6 months, and dilated 1cm most of my preg. Bleeding is something to talk to your Dr about, as it can be ok, and can be a problem. But its not always a bad ending. Good Luck


early40 - January 3




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