Calling All Mothers To Be Due In November

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cangirl - May 17

i am due november 28 and just wondering how many other women are due in november and want to join me on this journey


k. - May 17

Hi cangirl, I'm due November 15...


venus_in_scorpio - May 17

im due november 20. november 28 is my b'day!! :o)


cangirl - May 17

oh that is cool my b day is the 13 th of november so my baby and i well share the same birth month


cangirl - May 17

so k and venus how are your pregnancies going so far


kitten21 - May 17

I am due November 1st


jnine29 - May 17

hello i'am due Nov 6 with twins and i'am 21yo


mandee25 - May 18

I am 25, pregnant with my first child at 14 weeks and am due November 15th. I am sooooo excited and can't wait to feel the first fetal movements!


tolovemercy - May 24

hey cangirl! I'm 13 1/2 weeks with my first...due Nov. excited:-)


venus_in_scorpio - May 24

hey - so far, so good. I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow. Last time I went at 10 weeks they traumatised me, told me it looks like my baby had down syndrome and made me wait 2 weeks to go to the high risk doctor, who then told me it looked fine and that the other doctor was wrong necause it was too early to attempt the NT measurement when I had gone in. Whew! so that turned out OK and the blood work came back good. what a relief. after this appointment i am switching OBGYN's though I unno what to think about my doctor if the high risk lady said she was wrong... cangirl wouldnt that be too weird if your baby was born on my b'day and my baby on your b'day for some reason??? ha!


venus_in_scorpio - May 24

im posting this one so I can subscribe to the forum in my email :o)


cangirl - May 24

that would totaly cool if our babies were born on each others b days. well i am glad evrything worked out fine for your baby


CHYNA - June 4

HI EVERONE I'M DUE ON 11/21/2006


ElizabethAnn - June 4

hiya CHYNA, i am due November 21st as well!!! I'm 23 years old. How's everything going with you? I've been doing really well, just cant wait to start feeling movement, It'll prob still be a while. Hope all is going great!


michelle gosling - June 5

Hey, we're due date twins. Nov 28th, was the date i was given after my first scan. So how's it all going? Mx


venus_in_scorpio - June 5

we're almost to the halfway point ladies! 20 weeks! some of us closer than others... im due november 20 and am 16 weeks today. i cant wait to find out the s_x.


San_dee - June 6

Hey can i join in, im due nov 25th with my second :-)



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