Can A Blood Serum Test Be Wrong

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Elizabeth - September 3

I was a week late for period and had other symptoms of pregnancy. I took hpt and they were negative, but I was still worried so I went to a doctor and they did the blood test. It was negative, but can they ever be wrong? Just curious.


MILISSA - September 2



W - September 2

I have been pregnant 5 times (2 miscarriages & 3 births) and the blood serum tests were never wrong. I never known anyone that has had a wrong blood serum. They are supposed to be the most accurrate way to detect pregnancy because it measures HCG and progesterone levels. I have read though that woman can be so nervous about being pregnant or wanting to be pregnant so badly that they will actually cause themselves to have pregnancy symptoms including lose of cycle. My opinion, I don't think you are pregnant.


milissa - September 2

Listen every woman is different!! And I no of a few woman that have had all negative including BLOOD TEST and when they had an ultersound they found out they where! and some where 3months to 4 BLOOD is not always accurate!


Monica - September 2

My mother-in-law had FOUR blood test done for the same pregnancy that all came out negative!! She never once got a positive for hcg.


brucen - September 2

Although blood testing is most accurate it is not infallible. Some factors can cause a false negative such as, being tested too soon, the lab, methodology, and technique used. In the latter cases what is considered a positive pregnancy result can vary from lab to lab. Here are some site you can check out cut and paste into address bar:


L - September 2

I don't think you are pregnant. I have never heard of the blood tests being wrong. My HPT was negative but my blood test was positive-- My OB said the only way to confirm a pregnancy was through blood.


Vickie - September 2

Ok, I was on fertility drugs so I was being monitored closely. I took a HPT the 1st day of my missed period & it was positive. My OB/GYN did a blood test on the 2nd day of my missed period and it was also positive. However, my levels were very low- so low that within 1.5 wks I ended up miscarrying. Anyway, my point being the blood test still detected the pregnancy hormone although it was very low and ONLY 2 days after my missed period. I don't think blood tests are wrong or OB/GYN's would not rely on them. I also have many friends that are mothers that have never had a wrong blood test. Good luck.


Elizabeth - September 3

Thank you all for your comments. I a__sumed that the test was accurate, but I was just wondering.... THANKS!!



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