Can A Dog Embyo Survive Inside Of A Human

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This is odd - November 17

If an dog sperm and egg can together then could they be implanted into a woman? If so what would happen?


$weetne$$ - November 17

dat sounds SO sick!!!! if you are talking about what i think your talking about, dats NASTY...i dont think human beings and dogs should be having ANY KIND of s_xual intercourse AT ALL!!!!!!!!! SICK NASTY!!!!


Rach - November 17

what u think will happen? you will have half human half dog lol and what an ugly baby that would be! lol but yea i doubt anything will happen it will die i guess...i dunno im not too sure on that stuff but i doubt anything would happen and its never known to happen as far as i know...and sweetness you dont have to go all off on one shes not talking about human having s_x with dogs..shes askin about the dogs sperm and the egg and if it was inplanted into us what would happen..thats all just a question...doesnt mean she has s_x with dogs...tsskkk daft woman


Christine - November 17

This is not a science forum...why would you even post that question a scientist


E - November 17

I found this to explain why it is not possible for a human to impregnate a dog nor is it possible for a dog to impregnate a human. The sperm and eggs in nearly all species have membrane proteins that recognize same-species gametes--human eggs will only recognize human sperm, goat eggs will only recognize goat sperm, etc. Secondly, for a human (or any other animal, for that matter) to be viable, it must have the correct number of chromosomes. Normal adult human cells have 46 chromosomes (23 derived from the mother, 23 derived from the father). Dogs have 76 chromosomes in each of their cells (38 of maternal origin, 38 of paternal origin). So, a__suming that somehow fertilization of a human egg with a dog sperm (or a dog egg with human sperm) took place, the resulting zygote would have 61 chromosomes (23 of maternal origin and 38 of paternal origin (or vice versa))--this genome would be incompatible with life and therefore the embryo would spontaneously abort.


Christine - November 17

Wow E I cant believe you actually looked that up...though as sick as it is to think of it, it was an interesting answer....


m - November 17

Very interesting, E. I must admit I didn't know that. I was just grossed out with the question... it's one of those things that make ya go... hmmm -- Oops am I showing my age????. :o)


E - November 17

I am a mad scientist and so is my husband. We look at gross stuff under the scope all the time and cannot stand to not know an answer to a science question. We argue at home and constantly try to outdo each other with who knows more. I usually lose. We fit the dork mode quite well! Cool & stylish dorks, I like to think. I thought the question was worth answering if it meant the person would save a dog from an all night, s_xual encounter. It is gross but people do it. I am sure someone somewhere would like to give birth to a half dog/half human.


m - November 17

Somewhere, Fido is reading this thread while smoking a cigarette! LMAO. :o)


ErinJoy - November 17

What about cases like Zebras and other cross-species? Are there certain chromosomes that are cross compatible?


E - November 17

There are and it is called introgression. I do not fully understand it and would have to look it up. I will when I have more time. Fido with a smoke is a funny thought!


E - November 17

I am a__suming zebras and horses have the same number of chromosomes therefore, they can exchange genetic material succesfully.


E - November 17

I guess that is not true as donkeys have 62 and horses have 64. Those breeds have created the mule hybrid. I just do not know but rest a__sured I will argue with hubby about it all night.


A. - November 18

Get a grip people, curiosity is a natural thing. It got me thinking. Again, its just a question of serrogacy I guess. Would a fertilized dog egg (from dog sperm) survive inside a human woman? I have no clue!


E - November 18

A - I know this from immunology... No as a woman's antibodies would not recognize it so the embryo would be antigenic (foreign substance). The presence of an antigen will cause an immune response whereby the antibodies kill the antigen.


interesting - November 27

what about humans and other primates?



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