Can An Abortion A Long Time Ago Effect Getting Pregnant

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Jennifer - November 10

I have posted questions on here before, mostly about thinking I was pregnant but getting my period. We still have had no luck and I am starting to think that there is something wrong with me. I have heard that abortions can effect getting pregnant. I had an abortion when I was young. I am so scared that it is affecting me getting pregnant now. I am scared that the MAN up there is punishing me, but I also believe that he forgives me and understands the circ_mstances. I am following an ovulation calender and we are doing all the myths about concieving. Still no luck. I got my period last month but it was a day late and light and shorter then normal. I don't have symptoms really. I have nausia sometimes and my appet_te has changed. I also feel like somethings going on. If any one has any advice please help!!!! I'm grateful if you do!!!!!


Sabrina - November 10

When you have an abortion you run a 1 in 8 risk of becoming unable to ever get pregnant again as a result.


Shannon - November 10

My mom and aunt had abortions when they were young and both went on to have 2 healthy babies! Just be patient and pray about it. Good Luck and God Bless.


jennifer - November 10

thanks for your input shannon!!! i hope i have that one day!!


kelly - November 14

Jennifer u never said how long u have been trying, i had an abortion also 14 yrs ago, i am now 33 and it took my partner and i around 5 months to conceive, hang in there and dont stress as we did also but u may realise there is no need. Sadly i know someone who had 2 abortions and later on went on to have kids, i am sure your past has nothing to do with it, good luck girl


KM - November 14

if there were any complications from the abortion that would make you unable to conceieve, you would most likely know about them as your doctor would have noticed. Just have patience and keep tryin. good luck :)


Natalie - November 14

Hi, I just read your message and my heart truly goes out to you. I had an abortion when I was 16 and it was the worst thing in my life Ive ever gone through. Its not just something that people can pick up and move on from. Its a definite life changing altercation. I have also been ttc for 2 years now. I also had pcos though which through my body way off. I had a surgery and since I have regular periods which I never had before. I explained my concerns to my doctor and he told me that if that were the case that the chances of that are rare and only if I had complications afterwards. I still worry though. I too, have worried that the MAN upstairs is punishing me, but I know He forgives and I have been saved since then and have asked for forgiveness. My heart is with you and pray for your success. I understand completely how youre feeling. Dont give up, always have hope and faith in God. May He hear your pain and answer your prayers! May He Bless you with a miracle of LIFE!


A.A. - November 14

Everyone is different, some may have some problems and as you can see, some dont. My cousin had an abortion when she was about 19 or 20. This was about 6 years ago. Now She had a hard time bringing her babies to term. she had 2 miscarriges after being pregnant for a couple of months. Then about 2 years ago she was preg. with twin boys, but lost them at five months. It turned out that her miscarrages could have been prevented. She had to have a few stiches by her uterus/cervix. I think they said it was related to the abortion she had. Her uterus (or cervix) was weak ( I dont know the exact terms but this is what I understood it to be). Now she has a beautiful boy.


Keely - November 15

You know what, I think it's all just the luck of the draw. I had an abortion a year ago, and actually also had complications for a while afterword. Now I am 28 weeks pregnant, and I actually got pregnant this time around on birth control. So, just keep your hopes up.



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