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justjo - January 16

Ok these are the dates of my last periods 16th sept, 10th Oct, 13th Nov 13th dec AF usually last 6 days. Ok so my last period was due about the 9th Jan.But It hasn't come YET. I have taken a HPT but neg. Last week when I should of started I have been getting little amount of watery substance with a tiny bit of pink blood in it.(this only happened about twice in the week) Now on friday it turned to brown but again only a small amount, blink and you miss it. I did a test again on sat and still neg. On sunday I had some really bad cramping and lost more dark coloured stuff but went after. The cramping went as quick as it came. Monday I had a little more brown stuff (when I went the loo) Is this normal? Can it be implanting so late after AF was due? I have no feeling like AF is due but I don't feel pregnant. Only signs I do have it veins on breas and nipples constantly erect. They do tingle now and again.sometime sore to touch, I have lost some appet_te no sickness feeling or anything like that. I have had headaches and sore back mainly lower. Anybody got any surgestions??????? Please. I am trying to concieve but as my hubby only had his reversal in July06 we are not expecting it to work as only small chance of it working.I am not temping or anything yet.......just bedding normally and roughly around Ovulation..........any suggestions please.


Grandpa Viv - January 16

You have had a 35 day cycle before, so you have until tomorrow before you exceed that. Porn star nipples, veins, low backache and headaches, abnormal light period all count, but where is "fatigue"? Test again next weekend. Good luck!


justjo - January 17

p___n star! Well I am begining to think that this site is jinks because about 1hr after typing my question, There it was gushing like no tomorrow. Damn thing. I hate my body. Well its my hubbys fault for having a vasectomy. When I met him I didn't think we was gona think about kids ( ihave 2 to my ex and he has a teenage son) But things change. They don't check sperm counts now after they do the reversal. You just have to take pot luck.......if it works it works if it don't it don't.::(( Grandpa Viv i asked a ? on pregnancy signs about temping not sure if you can answer that ? for me.would be appreciated..thanks Jo


crazybaby - January 29

hi justjo i just answered your question on the other thread you say you dont get a s____n test done after a reversal im in england and they do one free after, could you not pay for one to be done at least you will know where you stand also there are other ways they can get sperm from your hubby but as usual its money dont give up hope but also dont waste too much time before you seek more help to concieve, good luck



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