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JTsMommy - March 8

I got the merina inserted at the end of october, i had the usual spotting and i got my period in Nov and Dec, but for the past 3 months i havent gotten a period and just a few days ago i had some light spotting. i dont know if its all in my head but i feel some of the same feelings i had when i was pregnant, the stomach flutters, going to the bathroom, eating more, tired, a little nausea...should i be worried im scared to take a pregnacy....


Grandpa Viv - March 8

The Mirena web site says that your period may dry up after it has been in place for some months. Also it is 99.9% effective. The web site does not tell of side effects such as you are experiencing, but that would not be surprising. There is a 1 in 3000 chance that you are pregnant. Take a test, but almost certainly it will be negative. Come back and tell us if you are - the ladies need that kind of info. Good luck!


msdrgnfly - April 25

Well.. I am going through the same symptoms.. I am now 10-11 days past due on my period.. had this mirena in for 2.3 yrs now... no periods the first few months.. than light periods on time that lasted only 3-4 days... only missed 6 days once.. but never this long.. I have alot of pregnancy signs.. had 2 kids already (I'm 24 if that matters lol)... and new statistics show that it is 1:100 girls get prego.. not 3000 or 1000 anymore.. those were when it first came out.. I have talked to many docs now.. I took a prego test 2 days ago saying negative.. hmm.. still not believing it til i see my doc though.. I have had a very heavy clear discharge that is freaking me out!!! IF YOU ARE NOT SURE PLEASE GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.. not to scare u.. but even though it is kinda rare to get prego.. the IUD prevents an egg to fertilize "in" the uterus... but there is still a chance of fertilizine on the "outside" causing a tubal pregnancy which u or the baby can die from if raptures.. so please go get checked! Oh and the 99.9% effective c___p.. now that it is years later.. its bull.. bull bull!!! lets see.. how effective does it say pills and patch is.. hmm.. I got prego with my second one on the patch. I don't think women are made for birth control lol.. its in our nature to have kids I guess. GOOD LUCK HUN.. keep me updated.



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