Can I Be Pregnant Please Help

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Freakin Out - September 10

I recently took a home preg test that came back negative. The next morning, I took another one and it showed a faint line in the prenancy circle. After 15 min (the suggeted time if it is early in the pregnancy) the line became more visible. The reason I took a test is because I thought I was supposed to start my period last weekend, but I never. Today I have some pink/red runny blood and some brown bloddy discharge. Is this my period starting, or due to a pregnancy? The pains are different, I have extremely sensitive br___t, and am really tired. Should I call the doctor to set up an appointment? I don't want to be embarassed if I am not pregnant. Can I take another home pregnancy test while I am spotting? I want to be pregnant so bad, but I just need a little guidance. Please help me!! Thanks!


lin - September 10

hey. i believe u might be pregnant. they say if any kind of line shows up in the pregnancy cirle even if its not that visible means u are. i think u should set up a doc. appt. to make sure. even if ur not they wont make u feel embara__sed. good luck!!!


Viv - September 10

Not sure about this one. The sensitive b___sts and tired sounds good, the home preg test not being able to make up its mind is par for the course. The bloody discharge today is unusual, especially if it doesn't feel like just a delayed period. I wonder if you were about to get pregnant and then your body changed its mind. It probably had a good reason. I think you are going to have to wait another week to see what happens, unless the discharge gets worrying, in which case I would visit the doc. Hope this helps.


Jay - September 21

Well, I've heard of spotting being a symptom of implantation of the zygote. You'll know by now though, so this is perhaps a bit late. Good luck anyway.


Rachel - September 21

My advise is to buy another hpt to be sure, if it's possitive or you suspect it might be, get a blood test and you'll know for sure!!! Good Luck!!!


ana - October 2

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... world-wide newness... I give you my mail [email protected]


Jane - October 5

I suggest seeing a female doctor who has children because men can be insensitive and ignorant about this stuff.


E - October 5

Any line in the pregnancy box indicates a pregnancy. Your HcG levels are still quite low so the line would not be as dark as you may expect it to be. The same thing happened in all 3 of my pregnancies. Unfortunately, the bleeding likely indicates and early miscarriage. Contact your doctor immediately. They will run a blood pregnancy test and tell you if you are miscarrying. Implantation bleeding should be very light in flow and pinkish in color. ANY fresh, runny, red blood means that you are currently bleeding.


E - October 5

And I meant to add that brown blood is old blood.... I am sure you know you are currently bleeding:)



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