Can I Detox

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Dumb-ass - May 11

I am 37 weeks and in the last month I have taken Oxycontin to ease the pain. I am scared that they will find this in my system at birth. Can I detox safely? The vitamin store told me that I couldn't...What should I do? I take whole food vitamins everyday.


Why - May 11

Why did you take Oxycontin? That is synthitic heroin. You need to talk to your doctor and tell him what you did and not do that again.


April - May 11

What pain do you have that you need Oxycontin for?? I don't think I would ever take that stuff unless I absolutely HAD to... and definately not when pregnant. You need to talk to your doctor.


s - May 11

I thought methodone was synthetic heroin....


PP - May 11

You are right S. Ok well Oxycontin is a powerful pain reliever and if used as directed it should be ok. I get the impression that you did not use it as directed becasue if you did there would be nothing to detox. If you are addicted to it then there is a problem. And while you are pregnant is not the time to start anything. If they find it in your system it will be because the baby is addicted and exhibits withdrawl. You will not lose your child. And as long as you have not abused the oxycontin you have no reason to worry. Another question- was it prescribed by your doctor or did you obtain it through questionable sources? That is what would worry me. It could have been tainted in some way.


Karen - May 11

what pain are you feeling?


Dumb-a__s - May 11

I talked to my doctor today. He said it is already out of my system so I have nothing to worry about. It was given to me by a reliable source, not tainted, and I would have taken anything like Vicodins but this is what I had acces too. I was having severe pain all over my body, mostly in my back. It isn't synthetic heroine, it is Oxycodone, a Vicoden but stronger, in a time realease form.


jayson - May 11

Oxycontin is used alot in cancer's something i would stay away from if i was pregnant


You are a Dumb-a__s - May 11

why would you risk your child being exposed to a drug like this? How horrible. If you have pain talk to your doctor maybe something else is wrong or get some rest. I have been through a couple pregnancies and never needed pain medication. Take a tylonal.


Audrea - May 11

Some of you are so rude. I have severe spinal problems and have had many surgeries and was going in for another one when I found out I was pregnant. I was also taking a synthetic morphine type drug and I was being seen by a Pain Management Specialist. I am also an RN and happen to know it does not harm the fetus but can be born addicted if not stopped soon enough before the birth. Just because some people have to take pain medicine does not mean they are stupid or don't care about their baby. I cut my dose down by about 90% but was told I could not completely stop unless I wanted to go into preterm labor because it causes the uterus to become unstable. I was taking it on a daily basis, but for those who only take it every once in a while, it is okay to stop at any time. Since my doctors are aware of my med then they will be on the lookout for my baby to see if she has any signs of withdrawal and can treat her so she will be comfortable after birth. The doctor really needs to know, and if someone takes a med like that and does not get it from their own doctor, they could get in trouble, and that includes involving CPS when the child is born, becuase then it means you are taking an illegal drug because it was not prescribed to you. I work in the nursery at the hospital and know this happens. Just make sure you are not taking it anymore for the rest of your pregnancy.


Katt - May 11

Thank you Audrea, I didn't do it for stupidity. yes, I care about my baby but the stress I was putting her under was worse than anything else. I am also on Xanax and lowered my dose to only when neccessary so my baby will go through withdrawl anyway. Yes, my doctor's are aware of this too. I only take it once in awhile.



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