Can I Drink Wine While Pregnant Just Once

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aalondra - February 24

hi ladies I feel like drinking wine big time and I cant do nothing to take that away...I just don't kow if it can harm the baby..I have heard some friends say that if its only once or twice its fine. Anyone that knows a little bit more??


kim - February 24

i would not recomend it. it can cause relaly bad affects to your unborn child even drinking once. i also had craving for alchol which i sub for vigin drinks all the pleasure of a drink without the bad alcholo


JF - February 24

In Europe they drink red wine occasionally while pregnant. They say it is Ok in the 2nd trimester.??? I don't know though.


P - February 24

They have no idea what amount of alcohol causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Nor do they know at what point in the pregnancy that the baby is most vulnerable. It really is recommended that you drink no alcohol at all for your entire pregnancy. Earlier in my pregnancy I had crazy craving s for alcohol too. I'm not much of a drinker so that kinda freaked me out. My sister said she had the same thing. It pa__sed after a little while. My other sister didn't know she was pregnant until 27 weeks and had been on vacation in Europe for 2 weeks. She drank fairly frequently and my neice doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects. I wouldn't want to play Russain Roulette with something like that though.


tara - February 24

I have read that they don't know waht amount of alcohol at what point can cause problems...and then there studies that say an occasional gla__s of wine is okay. I have had a 1/4 of a gla__s of Champaign at New years, so if you are craving it badly enough i suggest mixing it with some juice just so you can get the taste and get the craving over with. I don't think that little bit would do any harm...but i wouldn't take the chance with 1/2 a bottle or anything like that.


tiffani - February 24

I would think 1 gla__s would be alright. Many doctors advise their patients to have a gla__s to calm their nerves before and amnio, so with that in mind, I say go for it. Consider just having a half a gla__s?


KM - February 24

try the wine you can buy in grocery stores,, with like .5 percentage of alcohol or something. just to satisfy the craving. it is unethical to do these types of studies on pregnant women, so what is safe and what is not is unknown. I drank A LOT i mean like half a quart one night..before I knew I was pregnant. My son was fine, (so far ) but I worried about it my whole pregnancy. its just NOT worth it. However, it is true sometimes they say half a gla__s or so of wine is good for calming nerves while preggo.


~m~ - February 24

Even though they say it's best to avoid it all, if you have an intense craving for it, MODERATION is the key. If you can't shake the craving, then you might go ahead and fix yourself half a gla__s or something. However, I would drink a full gla__s of water before and after, as well as try to eat something with it, maybe some cheese or something. Not sure what kind of wine you like, but when I drink my blush, I love cheese with it. The water will help dilute it, and the snack will help absorb it. Who knows, maybe one drink will make you realize you have a distaste for it right now. I know with both of my full term pregnancies I developed an aversion for it.... sometimes even the smell of hubby's beer made me gag. And normally, I'm a walking longneck myself! Good luck, and be very careful. :o)


Dez - February 24

I would say it is ok too have a drink as long as you dont get all drunk.


rose - February 24

it is perfectly fine to have a drink here and is a good choice because it can help you relax an wind down...ask your dr, my dr recommended it... as with anything else when your pregnant dont overdo it ...cmon ladies this is wine we are talking about not poison!!!


P - February 25

No we're not talking about wine, we're talking about alcohol. It doesn't matter what form it comes in it's still the same in the end. If you feel it's safe to have a gla__s of whatever, go ahead but just know that they have no idea how much will cause FAS. That's why they say total abstinance is safest. My sister drank moderately throughout both her pregnancies and her kids are fine but I'm not willing to roll the dice and haven't touched a drop since last June when I thought I might be pregnant. I did crave it for a little while but it pa__sed.


Leahp - February 25

Oh my!!! everyone needs to take a chill pill, have you ever gotten on the UK babycenter web site, they actually say it's ok to have a drink a day, I really couldn't believe it myself either, but you don't see everyone walking around with eyes on the back of their heads!! Plus my mom is a nurse at a very large hospital and she said you can take one evil or the other, stress or a drink!! In the long run the drink isn't going to hurt the baby but the stress can!! She also said that women that give birth to babies with FAS are very uncontrollable drinkers and usually drink up to a liter of liquor a day, eeek!! So go ahead and relax! But yes! moderation is key!


aalondra - February 25

well thank you ladies..let me tell you that I drink a sip and then guesS WHAT??? I THREW UP JUST RIGHT AFTER!! Goo now I have another reason not to drink!!


E - February 25

Sorry LeahP but I would never follow health advice from the European nations as they have yet to seriously address the health risks of smoking. Euros will always have differing opinions with the US population about cigs and alcohol. I prefer to err on the safer side, rather than indulge in potentially unhealthy substances (while pregnant). I am sure this will draw heat from Euros.


E - February 25

I would like to add that if your life is so stress filled that you MUST drink while pregnant to take the edge off, maybe it isn't the right time for pregnancy. More heat I am sure. Why can't people find other ways to de-stress? Is it so difficult to join a yoga cla__s or to get a ma__sage for relaxation?


Leahp - February 25

Well, life can be unpredictable!! You never know what stressors may pop up, no reason to put pregnancy off, because there might be a chance of stress, that's life!


P - February 25

I'm totally with you on this one E. I agree that one drink probably won't do anything but I don't know for sure so I'm not willing to risk it. Plain and simple.



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