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Vitale - September 12

I'm 21 yrs. old and i'm having unsafe s_x with my husband. Ever since I was about 16, my period hasn't been at all normal and I would even go through months without havnig one, and my doctor prescribed me birth control pills so I've been on it fever since. Well, when we first got married, we were havinng unprotected s_x and I wan't on birth control then because of certain health issues. I didn't get pregnant then, and got back on birth control patches. I forgot to pick up my patches and with my busy schedule I just completely haven't put one on, I've had several unprotected s_x with my husband since then. So my question is, could I still get pregnant even though I haven't had a normal menstrual cycle and since I didn't get pregnant before when I wasn't on birth control???


Viv - September 11

Two guesses. Since you have historically had problems gettng pregnant, that probably still applies. The menstrual period is in response to having ovulated two weeks previous. Thus you could get pregnant before your period resumes. Do you have any symptoms of early pregancy?


Vitale - September 11

I dont think I have any symptoms of early pregnancy. The only thing I am worried about really is that, I really want to put my new patch on, but if I am pregnant, I wouldn't want to put it on. The only thing is that I dont know if I am or not, or I could be.


Viv - September 12

Ortho Evra's site answers your question ... it is important that you not be pregnant when you start the patch, and they advise waiting until after a period. In your case they advise starting under a doctor's advice, which means the doc will do a pregnancy test before giving you the OK. If you can't afford a doctor visit, I suppose you could lay off s_x completely for several weeks, and if at the end of that time you can have a careful hpt come out negative AND you have no symptoms of pregnancy, then you would be pretty safe. The web site advises using a second method of contraception for the first week on the patch. Ouch! No s_x for a whole month?



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