Can I Get Pregnant If The Boy Does Not Ejaculate

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Sarah - June 14

I am 16 and I had unprotected s_x a few days ago. Me and my boyfriend did not have any condoms but he said that I can't get pregnant anyway if he pulls out before he ejaculates. Today I asked one of my friends about it and she said this isn't true. I am really confused now I'm not sure if I could be pregnant or not, please can someone tell me what I can do. I don't think I can tell my mum because I'm not sure if she will understand.


Jo - June 14

You can still get pregnant. Even though he didn' t ejaculate in you it is possible that some sperm came in contact w/you. Good luck. I hope everything works out for you


klm - June 14

There was a post on here just a few days ago from a girl that got pregnant from the exact situation you described. You must ALWAYS use condoms!!!


shatika - June 14

Hi Sarah, that was not the truth your boyfriend told you, when a boy is having s_x he pre ejaculates during s_x which makes him able to get a gir pregnant, if you dont have acondon then dont have s_x,if you do then you must be ready to have a kid,take advice from someone that 7 weeks pregnant!


mcm - June 20

no s_x is the only safe s_x....the first drop of even pre ejaculation is the most potent....I would be real scared if I were you. You need to stop before you waking up in the middle of the night warming bottles instead of having fun with freinds!!


mcm - June 20

just talk to your mom...she loves you, she gave birth to you....believe me she'll understand ,she's human.


eve - June 22

pre c_m does notcontain sperm if it wasnt a previous ejaculate this is why pre c_m and sperm are produced in different glands pre cm in cowpers gland and sperm in prostate the only time pre c_m can contain sperm if ejaculataion occured already and it combines and has leftover sperm and the guy inserts his p___s again


Anon - June 22

Take the morning after pill to be on the safe side


B - June 23

Yes, you can definately still get pregnant.


Emmy - June 27

Hey girl... You can definitely get pregnant that way, but, the pulling out method IS still considered by doctors as a form of birth control, just not a very good one. I had s_x with my boyfriend for 9 months like that, and never got pregnant. With the boyfriend I have now, I had completely unprotected s_x with him (and he did ejaculate in me) and now I am 8 weeks pregnant =) (and 18 years old).


km - June 27

Thank you for not using nasty words like most girls...


A different Sarah - June 27

No offense, but if you're going to have s_x, you really should be educated about the chances of pregnancy and risks a__sociated with unprotected s_x. This is covered in great detail by many threads & posts in the S_x & Pregnancy Forum. I suggest you take a gander at that forum, buy a book, and take a pregnancy test. Try to be more careful in the future, k?


To Eve - June 27

Honey, where on EARTH did you get the idea that pre-c_m contains no sperm? If that were the case, then doctors wouldn't recommend a better form of birth control and EVERYONE would simply use this "method". Look at klm's post, a girl did, in fact, get pregnant from pre-c_m. Read up before you post.


kayz - September 12

that is the same as me my boyfriend pulled out and he told me i can still get pregnant


I Did - September 12

I got pregnant that way. American Pregnancy a__sociation: "Can a woman get pregnant from pre-ejaculation? Pre-ejaculation is the liquid that seeps out of the p___s before ejaculation occurs. Most guys have no control over it and can not feel it coming out. This type of fluid does have sperm in it and can result in pregnancy. This is part of the reason why the withdrawal method of birth control is not as effective as other methods."



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