Can I Get Pregnant On The Pill

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Candace - March 7

The first day of my last period was on Feb. 1 and I had s_x on Feb. 12 and on Feb. 26. I am now 1 week late which hasn't happened for years. I am on the pill and the pregnancy test at the clinic today was negative. Can I still be pregnant?


rose - March 7

my friend got pregnant on the pill....if you have a 28 day cycle then you were most fertile from the 12th through the 15th and could be pregnant....if you still have not gotten your period, retest in a week


tara - March 7

yes it's possible to get pregnant on the pill. However, if you have been on the pill for a number of years it's also possible to miss a few periods...or even go on with out having a period. This happened to me 4 years ago, and all i had to do was go on a different pill for a couple of months and things were back to normal.


Amanda - March 7

I have been taking the pill faithfully since I was 14 (now 23) and three weeks after I got maried we found out that we were starting a family a little sooner than planed. So ya It can happen. As far as the negative test I have heard that they can be wrong but I have taken clinic tests and they say that if it says negative then for sure it's negative. Any way good luck!


KM - March 7

My son is living proof that you can get pregnant on the pill :o)


Marsha - March 9

For those of you who got pregnant on the pill, did you still have your period the first month or so?


an - March 11

Did you miss a pill? If you did there is a chance you could get pregnant. I missed a day of the pill and ended up getting pregnant, but I had a miscarriage


amanda.d - March 11

I got pregnant with my first daughter on while on the pill,and didn't realize until i three months pregnant that i was pregnant because i had my period like clockwork.I continued to have my period throughout that whole pregnancy.(my daughter is now 9).So yes it can happen.


Rachel - March 15

I was wondering does the pill hurt your baby if you pregnat and you don't know it? How does it effect your child?


gerri - March 16

I took my bc pills everyday like clock work and was on them for 7 years and gues what? I am almost 6 mos right now. Yes my husband and I were really shocked!!!! Good luck to ya Candace.Keep us posted...........I'm wondering if anyone else got surprised.


~S~ - March 16

I got pregnant on the pill, so I know it could happen. I was pretty careful about taking my pill everyday approx same time each day. I felt so ripped off...LOL


Candace - March 16

I am not pregnant. They think that I have a cyst on my ovary and that is why I have not had my period. I go for my ultra sound next week to see if I have a cyst.


lucy - March 22

i have had s_x once and i wanna go on the pill how old do you have to be


Melissa - April 13

Lucy, are you sure you're ready? Make sure that you are ready before you commit to having s_x. If you do though, go to a gyno IMMEDIATELY. You need to get checked out even if you don't get on the pil.


Foxy - April 13

Yes. I just read an article today about a woman who got pregnant on the pill. When she first found out, she thought she was 12 weeks pregnant, but when she went for a scan it turned out she was nearly 5 months pregnant.


tara - June 27

can i get pregnant if i am on the pill and not useing comdoms


kmr - June 27

Yes you can. The pill is not 100% effective.



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