Can I Get Pregnant Without Having Any Sex

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Eleanor - July 30

Im 16, I have a boyfriend. Sometimes we "pretend to have s_x" which means he ejaculates by my va___al area. Can this be a risk of me getting pregnant? Because the truth is, I havent gotten my period, and I was suppose to get it June 28 and its July 2. Please, i know were to young for this, but what am i going to do, i know ill do it again, its not a crime! I just want to know, can i get pregnant without having any s_x?


Angel - July 2

Have you heard about chast_ty? Check out this link, it might help you to make a better decision about having s_x or not.


How weird - July 4

Um, yeah spem can swim up the v____a, I don't know what the chances are so buy a test but hey careful of those STD's. So you are 16 and you "pretend to have s_x", what are you doing, playing house? I hope you aren't letting him get all the pleasure,but anyway yeah you are young, but it's over and done with and you said you'll do it again, so why do you need our help? Take a preg test, and take it from there.


LH - July 5

In your situation, it is possible to get pregnant. Some men's sperm can swim up into the v____a and survive all the way to the unfertilized egg. Today is the 7th, only a week since you were due to start, may still be too soon to take a urine test, but you can have a blood test done if you still have not started. One other thing to think about, one in every four people have herpes. Every four people you have s_x with or he has had s_x with, is carrying the herpes virus. In case you don't know, there is no cure for that!


eleanor - July 6

Its me, Eleanor. Im not pregnant im so happy to know. And yes i know that herpes is not curable, im not stupid. But i am stupid for having done what i did without any protection. So thank you all for your help. And i will be more careful next time.


irritated - July 9

if you dont want to become pregnant, stop "pretending" to have s_x. s_x is not something to be taken lightly it is something special that you should share with the person you marry. so before you pretend any more you might want to think about growing up some!!!!!!!!!!


somegirl - July 14

You can have "outercourse", which is similar to what you're doing except keeping underwear or other articles of clothing on. it can be very pleasurable and is considered safe s_xual activity. However, u should know that s_xual intercourse IS illegal in many parts of the U.S. Many states have statutory rape laws. your boyfriend can go to jail for having s_x with you, especially if he is 18 or older. most people don't know this but teen s_x is in fact illegal!


Dawn - July 14

What is outercourse where u do it but nothing can happen cuz u have underwear on? how is it pleasureable?


Me - July 20

yeea what is outercourse


bella - July 24

can u get pregnant if u have outercourse and keep say, pants or underwear on? can sperm pa__s through clothing?


Shannon - July 28

Theres always the slim possibility...but the thing you should be most concerned about is your risk of getting a kids think it will never happen to you! BE CAREFUL!!!!


lauren - July 29

i know exactly what u mean!..ive doen it b4 theres nothing to be ashamed of because we all do stupid stuff i dont think im stupid! but from experience,,,i think your just paranoid!!!


Lauren - July 30

Im 14 and my period is 2 weeks late...I have never had s_x but this guy and I fell asleep next to each other and we were really close (i was only asleep for like 15 minutes)...we both had are clothes on but im starting to wonder...Could I be pregnant?



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