Can I Help You

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PATTY - December 28

do you have questions that need answers i maybe able to help you are you pregnant having relationship trouble i can help ease your worries please tell me your concerns thats what im here for rude people need not post thank you have a nice day


Anonymous - December 28

Are you the same patty that gave such helpful advice to Morgan on the "I need someone" thread? If so you and your advice are no help to anyone. Excuse me if you think thats rude but who the hell made you the expert?


LOL - December 28

Or a run on sentence.


?? - December 28

If you know enough to help PLEASE ANSWER THIS<<<>>> How can a partners sperm attack another mans sperm when a woman is sleeping with 2 men. You can read the post preejaculation and full interourse and see the few replies on this.


Lara - December 28

I'm not patty - but from everything I have tried to find on that, (research is still tyring to figure it out) it appears the sperm in a way swarm the other sperm, making it more difficult for them to get thru to the egg. Sabotage! But again, that's all I could find online. Patty probably has the correct answer though. lol


.......... - December 28



patty - December 28

yes i did give morgan advise clearly she isent ready for a baby i was trying to help and you guys are so funny ha ha ha give me a break and sperm combinds with eggs and it blocks other sperm from entering the egg and if you must sabatoge someones site attack starr she thinks she knows more than i do and i dont see why you are all jumping down my throat i started a new column for good reasons to help peopleand also once again people answering my questions dont help me none now your fun is over move on for serious inquires please


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 28

How many times do you say and in a sentance? Hve you ever heard of full stops and capital letters?


Lisa - December 28

Patty, if you tried using proper sentence structure and punctuation people might actually understand you better. Yes, it does make a difference when people type endless sentences and there is no break in between. You learn this in grade school, middle school and high school. You have gone haven't you?


sw - December 28

patty-i believe the question should be can WE HELP YOU???



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