Can I Test Now

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trancy - January 24

My last period was Jan.2........My next period is due Jan.30.....I think I may be pregnant because my stomach is harder in some places, pants fit tighter...but no weight gain (yet), certian smells make me wanna puke(like meat cooking), fall asleep while watching a movie or t.v. in the evening. But I have not had any morning sickness & I took one test a week & a-half ago, came out friend said it was to early to test. So what does it sound like to you?


L - January 24

You need to wait. I know it is hard but if you want it to be accurate-wait. Good luck. You can test a week from today!


beth - January 24

Trancy, I just got a positve on satursay, and that was 5 days before my period. You may get a positive now. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!


trancy - January 25

thank you ladies for answering my question. I do believe I will just wait to see if my period comes or not, only 5 more days. If its late I will test again. Speaking of testing....I have a friend that works at a x-ray clinic, well she told me about the preg test they have. She says they are accurate because if a woman comes in to get a x-ray, the clinic has to give her a preg test before the x-rays. She also says they can detect a pregnancy the day after getting preg!?!?! I'm not so sure about that because if there was such a preg test then why dont doctors & pregnancy clinic's have them?!?!?!?!?


lou - January 25

My next period is due on the same day as yours this month and I am also going through this horrible time of not knowing but having symptoms. I think your friend was right about testing too early although I have been tempted myself to test the last couple of days but the symptoms I am having are so similar to my usual pre-menstral symptoms that i am going to wait and see what happens. i am sure that some of the feelings i am having are just my imagination running wild for example sore b___sts and slight nausea every so often also feeling really tired. I probably have these feelings on and off all month but i never a__sociate them with being pregnant because I have only just started trying to conceive! Anyway I hope this helps in some way. You are not alone! :)


anon - January 25

Hi again, just read your last response. I think there are pg tests that can detect very early levels of the hormone that signals if you are pg or not. I would talk to your pharmasist about these tests if you dont want to wait to see if you start you period on the 30th. These tests are probably the same tests that they use at hospitals and I have read on the internet about tests that can be done as early as 4 days before your period is due. You really need to ask a professional about them. :)


Delia - January 25

I am producing milk, is this a prove I am pregnant



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