Can It Be A Healthy Pregnancy

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kibbies - October 10

Hi, I'm Overwweight 330 lbs 5'7" and 1/2 . Me and My husband wanted to start trying to get pregnant , but there are different views about plus size pregnancy. I just wanted to have some input and has anyone had a successful pregnancy while being plus sized.


jess - October 10

I am in the same boat 5'7'' 250. I talked to my doctor about this and she really wants me to lose about 75 lbs before even TTC. There are a lot of elevated health risks a__sociated with being overweight & pregnant. I was shocked to learn that the rate of heart defects and other problems that can occur with the baby are greatly elevated too. It's rough, but I finally have the motovation to get the weight off, something I have wanted to do for a long time. Plus, when very overweight your hormones go out of whack and I was told it is harder to get pregnant and keep the pregnancy.


bump - October 11



Mary - October 11

I am over 75 lbs overwieght and have had a perfect pregnancy, low blood pressure, no diabetes, no water retention and the baby has been growing nicely. Also I have gained only 10 lbs since getting pregnant. Do not let your weight stop from ttc. Also my friend who is a stick got pregnant on the same week I have and she had to have her baby sooner (last week) because of high blood pressure and diabetes. I personally think It all depends on how healthy you are and you predisposition to sicknesses a__sociated with pregnancy (like high blood pressure) and not the weight you carry.


Charlene - October 11

Check out the Plus Size messages - all sizes are having happy and healthy babies and good pregnancies.


Jessica - October 11

Hi kibbies, I am not overweight but I wanted to give my input anyway. I know a lot of women who are overweight and have very normal pregnancies. Most of them don't even gain that much weight. If you ever watch the discovery health channel you will see that overweight women are almost just as likely to have a happy healthy baby. I wouldn't let weight hold me back if I were you.. Unless you have health issues like high blood pressure or something like that. GOOD LUCK


Rocky - October 11

i have a question


chrissyj - October 11

I am 5'2 &199 lbs and my doc told me to lose some weight before I ttc.But I know lots of overweight ladies that have normal preg.Good luck with ttc!


Tiffany - October 27

So did you and DH start TTC? I was in the same boat, but have finally decided NOT to let my weight hold me back anymore! I've put of my wedding and family for 4 years now, and am tired of it. DF and I plan to start TTC in December. I am 5'4 and 258 pounds. best of luck sweetie!



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