Can It Hurt

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lolka - April 16

how do they do an abortion and does it hurt a lot?????


nicki - April 16

I dont think it should hurt because I believe you have the option of getting "twilight sleep" or some type of anestesia. good luck! nicki


April - April 16

From what I hear it hurts like crazy.... my friend's girlfriend had an abortion... you know the kind where they poison the baby... and she felt it... she was horribly sick for 4 days... i feel worse for the baby... poor thing...


Jill - April 17

They usually put you to sleep then it hurts a little for about 3 days


... - April 17

physically or emotionally? think a million times before going through it.


Wendy - April 17

I'm not sure if it hurts, but I hope it does because anyone who would kill their child better feel some sort of pain...sick-o's


Sam - April 17

Nicki Do what you feel is right. No it doesn't hurt. They will put you to sleep. It will be all over in less than 1hr. Wendy - how dare You!!!


jil - April 17

Wendy you should have been aborted


Wendy - April 17 dare YOU....a child is a gift from matter what. anything else in this world that god is willing to give you, you'd be happy to recieve it, but he gives you a chance to bring a life into the world and you destroy if he blesses you with winning the lottery, and you gonna burn all the money, if he blesses you with a new house, a car, anything, are you gonna destory that too? now you all have your own opinions and I have mine...but you should really think ahead when considering abortion...just think, if you go through with the pregnancy and the baby is born, and you are holding it in your arms, would you tell the doctor to kill him? just think about how happy your life would be with a child in it, having something that will love you no matter what, men can fall out of love with you, and friends can abandon you, but your child is a part of you and will always love you forever.....why in the HELL would you want to kill that? Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion.


The1 - April 17

amen to that


To Wendy - April 17

Not everyone believes in God. You shouldn't pa__s judgement on other people's lives. It's none of your buisness


Wendy - April 17

Well, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't believe in God, because if your worried about an Abortion hurting..thats the least of your prepared to spend the rest of eternity in hell feeling your soul burning forever..yes, you FEEL yourself burning for eternity in the bible and maybe you will change your mind about believing in God. I pity whoever does not believe...thats my opinion.


Cari - April 17

Think twice before you do it. It may haunt you for years to come. Think adoption


Desiree - April 18

Lolka, you should do what is best for you. But I really think you should consider adoption. There are so many loving families out there that cannot have children and you were blessed with the ability to do so. Think about how happy you could make someone. It's worth thinking about. I have a friend who had an abortion because she was very young. She is nineteen now. And she is married with a one year old. And she regrets it everyday. Her son could have had a brother or sister. She also said it was very painful. I really think you should consider alternatives.



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