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tamlinka - June 7

I had troubles getting pregnant or save it for more than 2 months... I went through hormone pregnancy (where u got symptoms, but there is no baby at all). I again got symptoms of pregnancy - nausea, vomiting, acidic stomach, sore br___ts and tummy feels a bit 'fluffy' and 'hurts' me a little (but it is not this kind of pain you would not be able to stand - rather mild) I had my period on 21 of May and by the online calculator (i put 28 days of last cycle but i am not sure really about that as ones for 2-1.5 months i was not having one...) and it gave me result that i would be 2 weeks pregnant (so just fertilized). Is it possible that i have those symptoms for over 2 weeks and be pregnant? I am a bit scared as we are trying almost a year for a baby... I know my body is very unbalanced... If it sounds silly, forgive me, A.


lovelylady24 - June 7

Hi Tamlinka I just found out I was pregnant Monday and I am 5wks and 3 days but before I found out in the frist couple of weeks I was throwing up getting nausea and what not and when I tested it came out negative when I was actually pregnant but the hcg levels where not high enough to read so it is possible that you could be pregnant.


ty2 - June 8

no its not silly but when we are ttc our bodies can play mean tricks on us. its possible that you could be pregnant, some hcg takes awhile to detect. i actually thought i was pregnant last month becuase i spotted and had a yeast infection 6 days before af and i never spot or get yeast infections. i got af and it was normal but after it was over i started cramping really bad and had diarrhea( tmi) and then i broke out everywhere and b___st stayed swollen. could be a hormone imbalance. keep hope alive.


leany - June 8

hi, dear. when i was younger i had the same troubles. 4 times my body said i was pregnant (w/pos tests) when i was not, and i miscarried 3 x's. the best advise i can give you is to relax. focus on your body first. take a good vitamin w/ lots of b in it, drink lots of water and moderately exercise. your body has to be somewhat regular to handle the pregnancy. so relax, take a deep breath and don't worry about trying so hard. just have fun practicing. p.s. i now have 2 beautiful healthy children



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