Can Percocet Harm My Baby

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arose08 - May 5

I was injured very badly in a car accident last year and have been on percocet. I am 17 weeks pregnant and after speaking to my doctor..they advised me to continue taking the percocet. I am very nervous that this could be harmful. Does anyone have any advice??


Malica - May 5

Your doctor knows that you're pregnant, right? It's not an ideal situation but if you are still in enough pain to warrant taking a prescription pain killer such as percocet, the benefits may outweigh the potential risks. What would your quality of life be without the pain killers? I know from experience that when I was on percocet for long-term pain that I wouldn't be able to stomach much if any food because the pain was so nauseating. Obviously that's not good for a growing baby either. If you are thinking of stopping or trying to cut down, please still talk to your doctor about it -- cold turkey is not the way to go when you're pregnant as your baby will be going through that too. You might want to ask for a second opinion from an obstetrician (if this isn't an obstetrician).


arose08 - May 7

My primary doctor does know that I am pregnant and when i first went to the ob-gyn i told them that i had been taking them and asked if it could hurt but i didnt tell them that i was still taking them, just because i was nervous of how they would act about the situation. I have always been in alot of pain but it has been horrible now because of the way that the baby is positioned. I do get nausea sometimes due to the pain but my appet_te is very good and so is my weight gain.Thank you for u think that this would hurt the baby at all and how should i go about telling the ob-gyn? Can I have any problems when i deliver the baby wtih this medication in my system, as far as getting in trouble? I do have a prescription from my primary care physican.


clindholm - May 7

I would call the ob asap and tell them you are on pain meds. The webmd info on percocet says that "it should only be used during preganancy when clearly needed". You will not get in trouble when you deliver the baby b/c you have an rx and are getting it legally. I get migraines and cannot take my normal meds but they told me to use Vicodan. I have not taken any yet and will try not to (especially in the first trimester) Good luck!



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