Can Post Question But Cannot Reply Help Please

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Toni - January 25

I have posted questions more than twice already. I have found poeple who reply to me but when I attempt to answer back to them (by using the answer box under the question that I have stated), my computer keep displaying that page that say page cannnot be found or displayed. Anyone have an idea how I can reply back.


tiffani - January 25

Toni~ This happened to me a couple weeks ago, and apparently, i'm not alone. I got on here everyday and tried to post. I went to my moms house and tried to use her computer to post, and to my surprise, her's wouldn't let me either. That very same day, when I got home I tried one more time, and all of a sudden, the almighty computer God let me post again. I think this website "refreshes" itself on Mondays, which is when I was able to get back on. I suspect there are others who are having the same problem, I haven't seen Grandpa Viv on here for over a week, so he may be experiencing the same thing. This website has issues. Keep trying.


Becky - January 25

Every time I've replied, be it my own question or someone else's, it's been with this box...


zoe - January 25

When I try to submit questions it will not let will only let me reply.


Tasha - January 26

This is the first time in several weeks that it has let me reply. I even emailed the mods over this site to let them know what was going on. All they said was that no one else has complained so that I must be the only one dealing with this. I didn't think I was and am glad to see I am not. It sometimes lets me reply very early in the morning...around 3 or 4 a.m., but never during the day. If you can not reply, please send this site an email so that it will bring it to their attention. They think I am the only one who has had this problem. Maybe if more people let them know they are also having this problem they will check into it and fix it. ~26 wks and 3 day preg.~


lou - January 26

hi when i have posted a question and someone replies i respond by posting in the answer box. Maybe you should try shutting the website down and opening it again or clicking the refresh b___ton. :)


tiffani - January 26

I shut down, refreshed and emailed. I still couldn't post on this site (didn't try at 3am howwever) and never got a reply to my email to the "owners" of this site. They must have forgotten about my email to them when they said you were the only one with the problem. This website needs a tune up.


E - January 26

I have experienced the same problem, from different computers, many times. Sometimes it is weeks before I can post. Tiff - GViv is on vacation in Europe. He posted a while back to inform the ladies.


tiffani - January 26

E~ Oh, had no idea, he must have posted that when I wasn't able to post. Lucky grandpa viv! Good for him.



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