Can Pre Ejaculation Get Me Pregnant

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Kristin - December 1

I had s_x on the 19th,20th and 21st of Nov. My boyfriend used a condem, but he didn't put one on until after he was in me for a little bit. Could I be pregnant? What are the chances that I am. I had my period on the 9th of Nov. and my cycle is 25 days.


redeem - December 1

Kristin, you can get pregnant from pre-c_m, I've got two friends that have been. It is a good chance


lilmama - December 1

id say your chances are pretty slim, if he did put a condom on, but if he did c_m in you at all you have a pretty good chance


Ca__sidy - December 14

My boyfriend put his p___s inside me and and then i decided i didnt want to have s_x so i told him to take it out. Can i get pregnant?


Christine - December 14

I have a four year old daughter from pre c_m...and I might add she is soooo beautiful


T - December 14

Yes you can become pregnant from prec_m. As prec_m contains sperm. You have a higher chance of becoming pregnant from prec_m if the guy ejaculated an hour prior to intercourse. The chance is increased because sperm will still be "hanging around" his p___s and will be released with the prec_m. You are also at higher risk of pregnancy when you have s_x during your fertile period. Your fertile period has a 3 day window and you are usually fertile counting 14 days from the 1st day of your period on a 28 day cycle. If your cycle is 25 days, take 3 days off and you will probably arrive at your fertile time. Theres a chance you may become pregnant but you cant tell until your period is late. If your period arrives then you are okay hun. If it doesn't, do a pregnancy test. Take care!! :o)


Amy - December 15

You CAN get pregnant from pre-c_m. Pre-c_m is infact highly consentrated's infested with it! Some people believe that there is no sperm in pre-c_m, or at least a little bit, but they couldn't be more wrong! x


chiffon - December 25

i really dont know,but i would like to know that to my boyfriend and i dont use condems untill he is realy to c_m.but people tell me that does not matter because it can come out without you knowing.and some people tell me there is no such thing as pre-ejaculation.but the best thing you can do is just to go get a test if you miss your peroid.


stacy - December 28

yeah could happen. i concieved my daughter with my ex-bf that way. she is now 6 and trust me it can happen


jack - December 29

kristin, pre-c_m, by itself (fluid secreted from the cowpers gland), does not contain any sperm. so the people who say it does below, are wrong. however, there are chances sperm COULD be found in pre-c_m under the following circ_mstance: your boyfriend ejaculated prior to your s_xual experience - sperm COULD be hanging around after. you had s_x twice (again, same idea as masturbation - sperm could be hanging around) however, don't be too nervous. even if your boyfriend masturbated, say, three hours prior to you guys having s_x, if he urinated at any point, he would have killed the sperm cells in his uretha. yeah, sperm and urine do not go well together. be safe.


Jeff - January 10

HOW CAN SOMEONE SAY THERE IS MORE SPERM IN PRE CUM THAN AN ACTUAL EJACULATION!! IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!!! unless you mean concentration because there is such a small amount of prec_m compared to a normal ejactulation. But I'd say you're still wrong. There are millions and millions of sperm in an ejaculation as opposed to maybe a couple thousand that may be in prec_m because of a prior ejaculation. Look how clear prec_m is and how cloudy real c_m is. that cloudiness is sperm!


amanda - January 15

i'm only 18, and this i know that it is possible for you to get pregnant by pre-c_m. Prior to his last ejaculation, sperm can be hangin' around in the pre-c_m. Pre c_m with sperm is usually gone, because the same tube that supports the pre-c_m, alos supports his ejaculation, and the way he pees. Rarely can you get pregnant by pre-c_m.


Mann - January 17

For everyone wondering when to have intercourse or even let pre c_m go close to you,please go to and use their services.It's truly an amazing system. I am a 27 year old proud and successful mom of a 5year old gorgeous boy.I use them just because I am not ready for # 2 yet.Good luck :)


TR - January 22

So Kristin, are you pregnant? Just curious...


Sean - January 22

Ok i had s_x with my gf but only pre ejaculated and it was during her period...are chances slim she could be pregnant?


ash - January 31

i had s_x with my boyfriend and we didnt use a condom but he pulled out and im a week late.. can i be pregnant?


Katzgrau - February 1

There seems to be alot of speculation surrounding whether pre-ejaculate (pre-c_m) contains sperm. According to very recent (and very reliable) studies, there is no sperm present in pre-c_m. The few instances where sperm has been identified in pre-ejaculate were due to the subject having ejaculated earlier. If the male does not urinate (thus, cleaning the urethra of remaining sperm) before he participates in intercourse again, then yes, sperm can be brought out the p___s by pre-c_m. Otherwise, pre-c_m's function is to act as a lubricant. It seems every couple goes through a pregnancy scare at some point in a relationship. If you are finding yourself worrying for days on end (as I once did), then you were not ready for s_x. S_x is great, but only when you can deal with the consequences. Let's look at the mathematic possibility of pregnancy due to perfect use of withdrawal (a__suming the male withdrew well before ejaculation).. Acording to government statistics, 4% of couples, with persistent use over the course of a year, get pregnant. So let's say that the average couple has s_x 25 times a year (a Very modest number). Thats 100 x 25 = 2500. There was 2500 instances of intercourse with withdrawal over the course of the year. If four percent of couples were pregnant at some point, then at 4 seperate occasions the egg met the sperm (somehow.. even though theoretically close to impossible). So 4/2500 gives us 0.0016. That's a 0.16% chance of pregancy with perfect use. If 625 partners used perfect withdrawal, 1 of them would be pregnant. Unfortunatly we don't live in a perfect world, and many men make mistakes when it come to "pulling out". They may ejaculate prematurely, lose the self control to pull out in time, completely forget to withdraw, or withdraw in time and ejaculate on the outside (lips) of the v____a. All of these instances attribute to the frightening low 79-81% efficiancy rate of Coitus Interuptus (pulling out). So in conclusion, getting pregant from pre-ejaculate is extremely unlikely, although, acording to the statistics possible. Most people would suggest that you combine this method with the use of a condom. I suggest abstaining from intercourse until you are ready to bring new life into the world (hopefully until marraige). It is 100% safe, and it you will never have to worry again. btw.. predict a pregnancy: conception calculator.



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