Can Someone Explain The Stalker Story

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... - August 23

I don't have time to go thru all the posts and I'm curious - I was away for a few days.


Sure - August 23

Its about a few women who love drama so they create it by posting inflamatory things. Then they sit back and see who responds, then call them the people who do respond "stalkers". Now the board is filled with ego posts from these few women and their issues. They have even gone so far as to blame moderators for this c___p, although there are none. It's a huge mess but they claim to be making the site "better".


to sure - August 23

why not tell it how it really is? What inflammatory things do they post? the only reason Moderators were blamed is because some a__s claimed they were the moderator in the first place! God I hate people that dont see the whole story, and post bull c___p... common "sure", you know the truth. Are you that dumb, that you only see the side of the "stalker"? "Sure", you dont do anything for this site, except make it worse, why not try and help clean up the mess?


somebody - August 23

There are no stalkers. There are a few women and men on here that are friends. They think that anyone that disagrees with them is the same and only one person. There are at least 3 people that disagree myself, and sure, and LMAO. However I know that both myself and sure will be 'mistaken" as LMAO and my post will be pointless as always. Oh well. It did get a little out of hand in the past few days, but I don't think you can blame just anyone for it. I think both sides are equally at fault at to blame. The problem is one side thinks they are innocent and perfect and are now calling the other side stalkers and pschyo's. Geez it's worse than the presidental election this past year.


Ludo - August 23

What exactly did you disagree with? People having a good time?


to somebody and sure - August 23

Stop talking out your as*es like you know anything about this. The person referred to as a stalker has been here as long as E (1 year if not longer!). She knows stuff about E that was posted LONG ago, when E first started to use the site. She has been following E for a long time and has enjoyed TRYING to mock her. This has happened many times, long before many of you arrived here. It's not about a simple disagreement b/c E has never had a problem with anyone disagreeing with her. It sounds like you have a problem with her not agreeing with YOU and posting the way you see fit. She has been polite more often than not.


sure - August 23

Look at all the ego posts here, I don't think I was too far off the mark because all of the usual suspects are here saying the same stuff. I am sorry you are so guilable you a__sume an actual moderator (not that there are any) WOULD post that hey were messing with the board. What kind of sense does that make, especially if you would like to continue to be moderator AND mess with the board? Geez who's not seeing the whole picture now? I won't help clean up the mess because I didn't create it. Those are some deep psychological issues exasterbated by poor interpersonal skills, huge EGOs and self worth issues. What a MESS! Some of them are actually seeking help, others should follow suit. Maybe you could begin by chanting; "It's not always about me" Best of luck to you all.


"Stalker" perfect word to use - August 23

There is a big difference between disagreeing with someone one and hara__sing people. You can have a difference in opinion and no disagreement. A sane person would write down their thoughts and move on. A stalker follow a person around and start threads to hurt someone. Exactly what happen to several people here. These immature women followed us around from Infant care to General Pregnancy like little puppy dogs. Lurking around hoping for one of us to post. It was just plain nasty the last couple days. Most of the threads were removed. You had to be here to understand what happen.


Evil Edna - August 23

Sure, I really think you are talking about yourself here. That's exactly how I'd describe you, if anyone asked.


sure - August 23

Hi KeeKee lol you guys are hilarious!


Somebody - August 23

Well I for one think everyone is at fault. I knew I was going to get yelled at for my posting. The first time i came on this site a few weeks ago I knew a lot about E. It wasn't because I was following her around, it was because she has posted something on every thread. I also was offended by her answers-they weren't accurate and well thought out. They were uneducated guesses or possibly scenarios that she herself experienced and was not willing that anything different could in fact happen to a pregnant woman. It's sad but true.


somebody - August 23

Oh and I think the reason people were mocking her is because she let herself get mocked. She kept feeding these so called stalkers, kept taking the bait. The truly mature thing would have been for her and all her groupies to ignore. I did see some of the things going on this forum over the last few days. I did have to take a few days off though as we had a family emergency and someone dear to me ended up in the hospital, nearly dead. But from what I did see I would say not stalker, because E was just as guilty as the other person.


yuppy! - August 23

well "somebody" no one ever said E or anyone else in this forum was a doctor and everything they said was "acurate" people is here to share THEIR EXPERIENCES! and give opinions. If you disagree go ask a profesional...


somebody - August 23

well I'd say I'm leaving this forum, but then you'd just say good, nobody wants you here anyway. So I'm not going to listen to you anymore, or reply and I will stay on this forum. And I will give my professional opinion as a doctor and mother.


Potty mouth - August 23

I agree!! No one here are doctors or experts in child care or pregnancy. We give personal advice based on our life experience. Come on, "Leave it to Beaver" give us a better reason for your stalking. Damn, I will have to say this because I'm a nice person....I am sorry to hear about your family member. I hope she or she get better soon.


Proof is in the pudding - August 23

"I also was offended by her answers-they weren't accurate and well thought out. They were uneducated guesses or possibly scenarios that she herself experienced and was not willing that anything different could in fact happen to a pregnant woman. It's sad but true." PROVE IT BY SHOWING HER ANSWERS THAT WERE NOT OPEN TO ANOTHER OPINION.


My thought - August 23

Here's my experience with the forum. I started reading it back in April or so, when I first found it. In that time, I've seen numerous catfights occur (some of the involving men!) that invariably have two parties slinging mud. Neither "side" (if you'll call it that) has ever taken the high road by ignoring the inflammatory remarks made by the others, which has allowed the drama to get completely out of hand. This time was ridiculous. The character known as E, as I'm sure many will attest to, is a very frequent poster on this site, or at least in the General Questions section, which I read the most. In her posts, she often revealed personal information, some of which was not at all pregnancy related. Of course, people who find her irritating used this information against her, and then she, as well as others who took offense to the bashing, decided it MUST be a moderator, because who else would have so much information about her at their disposal? There were several very predictable "voices" that kepts recurring. I made a couple of posts that were thought to be me acting as an imposter of someone else. Of course, this being an anonymous forum, it is expected. But it was frustrating to me that I tried to point out that the cliquish behavior was ruining the open feeling of the forum, and was instantly shut down by others claiming I was the "stalker." It's so much childishness that I really am inclined to believe that no one was really better than anyone else in this stupid situation. Good luck to you E, I hope you get over your pill popping and find some friends that are in your neighborhood and not faceless monikers on the pregnancy forum.



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