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saabgirl99 - January 31

I am sorry if that sounded rude. I am just so confused and have searched out help else where and didn't get any, so now I am a little frustrated. I am now 5 days late. I took 3 $ tree test, all came back very very faint lines. so I bought a clearblue digital, and it said "not pregnant" what is wrong with me. I am never this late. Symptom wise, my br___t are leaking if I touch them, but they are not sore or swollen....I am very bloated, tired all the time...and my CP is high, so high now I can't hardly reach it. Sorry I know you don't want to hear this but I am also not dry as I should be for a period. Thank you so much for you help in figuring this out. Amanda


SistaC - January 31

Hey saabgirl99. Maybe it's just a little too soon for you to be testing. Some women don't show a positive for some time after a missed period. The faint lines seem extremely positive (a__suming you're hoping to be pregnant); as my understanding is that false positives are extremely rare. Sorry I can't help beyond that. Good luck.


Brandi - January 31

Even if you were pregnant, you should not be leaking this early, I think you should just go to the doc for a test


sahmof3 - January 31

My very faint line was indeed a pregnancy. See your doc to confirm.


DownbutnotOUT - January 31

I would take another dollare tree test tomorrow morning with FMu and if the line is getting darker I would consider yourself very pregannt


Crystal Star - January 31

I would get an appointment wuith your doctor ASAP! I found out I was pregnant of off a dollar tree pregnancy test.


lunamoo - February 1

I had a faint positive 2 days before I got an obvious positive! Leaky b___sts....hmmm go see a plumber : )


AmySmoak - February 2

$ tree tests, test at a lower range of HCG than the digital test. It may bbe early, but a faint is a positive. I am waiting to test myself...all symptoms of preggo and i too have leaking b___sts at 4 week(a__suming that I am) :) My sister-in-law leaked from her b___sts very early with all 3 of her pregnancies! Good luck, let me knwo how it turns out!


Diva647 - February 3

Take your test 1st pee in the AM, the HCG is strongest then.


jen327 - February 4

I was pos. on the line tests too, they were faint. It was early for me and the one that read pregnant came back not pregnant. I took it in the afternoon so the next week, I took another and it was bright and clear 2 lines. Congrats and Good Luck.


salk - February 13

Maybe you can go to planned parenthood - they do free tests i think. and they could answer your questions better since they are doctors and nurses.


HeavenisMine - February 13

The longer you wait the more positives you should get if you are! Good luck!


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 15




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