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Joelle - April 25

Hey I was just wondering I took three home pregnancy tests and they all came out postive now does this mean i am FOR SURE PREGNANT?? or can u still get a postive answer if its something esle?? i hope i am im really excited and alredy told my family.


Mandy1984 - April 25

The tests are 99.9% accurate, so You can safely a__sume you ARE pregnant, I think the most common reason for false positives are : if you have recently had a baby, you have recently had a m/carriage, you are taking HRT (usually for the menopause) or in VERY rare cases some forms of ovarian cysts can cause false ++'s, So i guess the only thing left to say is CONGRATS!!!!!!


Karen S - April 25

I'd say you are pregnant! Congrats:) I also took 3 tests and went to a planned parent hood to confirm that I was:) Planned parent hood was expensive too I should have just trusted the 3 tests I took before:) Congrats Joelle I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy:)


Joelle - April 25

aww i made a doctors appoment today I'll tell you all how it went.. wish me luck and thanks that was sweet guys i hope u guys have a gerous heathy baby to.


venus_in_scorpio - April 25

Congratulations! I would say youre pregnant. I did the same thing as you I was like, is i really true??? but yes, you are more likely to get a false negative than a flase positive, and false positives are only if youve recently been pregnant and hormones are still elevated - unlikely. SO congrats! the doctors blood test will confirm everything for you.


Joelle - April 25

aww wicked i went to the doctors today and they did a ultresound and said the baby was the size of a jelly bean and im most likely due on christmas omg thats gonna be the best christmas gift ever...and i get the blood work thursday or friday the results back and I'll let you all know when i do thanks Joelle


livdea - April 25

YAY! That's SO exciting!! BABIES!!!


Joelle - April 25

lol yeah



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