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Angela - April 23

I'm 5 days late, (and no im not just coming off of the birth control) and today I've been feeling soo nauseous, and I vomitted about 3 times today already. I tried eating, but that didnt do anything but make me feel even more nauseous. Im not having any other pregnancy signs such as sore or tender br___ts, just the late period and nausea and vomitting. Could I be pregnant, or could this be a 24-hour stomach virus??


manda - April 23

you could be pregnant. You should take a test to see. good luck


... - April 23

sometimes your mind can play tricks on you when you are so desperate to be preggy. go take a test


Angela - April 23

to (...)-i always hear that, but how can my mind make me throw up and be nauseous?? its not like im sayin i feel the baby moving. I never been late, im not stressing, i woke up this morning feeling terrible...


Jenn... - April 23

I say it is likely. Go take an hpt. Best wishes...


Angela - April 23

Thank u Jenn.


angela - April 23

And thank u manda...


Maddie - April 23

Yes. You could be pregnant. All you can do know is take a test. There's nothing else you can do...Buy works fast and easy, and you get two tests.


V - April 23

I had the same symptoms and even though I got my period (on time) I turned out to be pregnant. I vomited 3 times a day and could not eat anything.


Ruth - April 24

Could be either one. My first signs were tender b___sts and fatigue. I thought that I was about to start my period, because I was cramping, turns out that's also a sign of pregnancy. I was only 2 days late when I put two and two together and took a test and then two more.....Try First Response, that's what I took.


nelly - April 25

i dont know that you would have symptomes that soon if you are pregnant i didn start getting symptoms until about 7 weeks. take a reliable test to be sure i took ept and first response and they were accurate.



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