Can Someone Tell Me If I M Preggers I Needhelp

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lizie2 - September 27

Hey ya'll!! I need help.. Last mnth I missed my period and I havent gotten either.. I dont feel pregers but I noticed that I have been wanting to eat certain foods and im very tired for no reason.. I also noticed that I have been cramping but no period or even spotting. My husband has been craving lots of sweets and I keep waking up in the middle of the night like at 3a.m. and at 6 a.m. to go to the rr. Also i ahve been having this shrp pain like if someone is stabbing me down there (va___a). But with my 1st child I could tell I was pg because my bellybutton was sensitive. but right now its not.. But I could really use some advice so if ne 1 could help it would be nice.. I was suppose to start my period on the 18 but nothing yet when is a good time to take a preg. test?


Bren1367 - September 27

If you missed your period last month and this month, you can definately take a test. Either way bfp or bfn, you should probably call your Dr. Good Luck!


lenae_manning - October 3

From what your saying, i'd think you were pregnant. It also sounds like you have a few symptoms.Are your b___st tender? I'd go and get a Clearblue or Answer pregnancy test. Those work well. Or you can always go to a clinic or your doc and ask for a blood test. Good luck!!


lizie2 - October 3

HEY GUYS... I took a pg test on sun. but it said it was negative.. So I dont know what to do.. I still havent had my period and once in a while i get mild cramps with discharge.. What do you think this could b? Well im going to ride this mnth out and c if I will get my period.. But thanks u guys so much for ur input and advice.. p.s. manning no I dont seem to have ne tender b___st feeling..


lenae_manning - October 8

Hun, I wouldnt wait very long to see a doc. You never know what could be causing pains and missed periods. Have your exercise rountines, eating habits, stress changed at all. That could be causing the missed periods but I dont know about the pains. Just to be safe please go see a doc. Good luck!


lizie2 - October 8

hi there manning.. thanx for the advise.. I feel great but nope no period yet... I am a irregular so I can never tell when im going to get my perod... But today I have a creamy kind of discharge.. would you say that this would be a good time to become pg?


newlywed0915 - October 11

Lizie, are you still late? I am too..............



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