Can Stretch Marks Be Prevented

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Shannon - November 7

My best friend said to keep my skin hydrated with things like shea butter and vitamin E oil? Has anyone been stretch mark free by lubing up all the time? I'm only 5 weeks and using my shea butter 2 times daily.


KM - November 7

I was using creams my whole pregnancy and I am just getting strecth marks now at 38 wks..and they are showing up everywhere.


Dez - November 7

yea same here, I have used creams and oils. more then 2 times a day, so i think if your gonna get them, your gonna get them. I think if anyone remained stretch mark free it wasnt from the cream (even though they might have used them), they were just blessed with good skin. Good luck.


Michelle - November 7

I agree with Dez I have been using creams my whole pregnancy and and I am still loaded...It's all part of being a mother!


LJ - November 7

Most things I've read say that whether you get them or not depends more on genes than anything else. If you're going to get them, you will. I didn't get any stretch marks my first pregnancy, but I delivered at 36 weeks so my tummy never got huge. This time around I'm using cocoa b___ter on my tummy every day, but I don't believe it will really prevent stretch marks if I go full term. I only use it because I hope it might help a little bit. But it feels nice anyway to lube up your belly when the skin feels tight and itchy.


m - November 8

Shannon, I used Palmer's (bought it from walmart) with both of my full term pregnancies. the first time, I used it on belly only. Guess what, I got a few on my hips. So when I was pregnant with my second child, I used it on belly, b___t, hips, and thighs, and walked away without adding even one additional mark, even though I was older and not in very good shape the second time. While the ladies are right, and it does have a lot to do with genes, I fully believe you can at least prevent a few. My mother got tons of them, so I really thought I would too since we share the same genes. But I really feel I prevented them with the lotions/creams. Otherwise, how could I explain why I got them with my first pregnancy in the exact area I didn't use creams, and then prevented anymore the second time with putting the lotion all over? Also, not only did I just rub it on, I ma__saged it. I heard that gets the blood flowing and gets things circulating, which is also supposed to help prevent them. At the end of the day, every woman is different, but what have you got to lose by trying it??? Good luck!


KM - November 8

I used Palmers.. and I am starting to get them everywhere now at 38 wks. So I dont really think they help prevent much, but they will to some extent because during pregnancy your skin is naturally very dry and the lotions help hydrate it.


n - November 16

i used cocco b___ter and never got them but some people have really sensitive skin. so i guess that it all depends on your skin type.


E - November 16

Whether you will get stretch marks or not is said in part to be gentically determined. I use Burt's Baby Bees Lotion only b/c I keep forgetting to buy cocoa b___ter. I hope I do not look like my mom!


lilmama - November 21

I dont know about preventing them, but I used mederma afterwards and it really faded them a lot. Its like 12 dollars a tube, but very worth it for me!


Dez - November 21

were do you get mederma, I have never heard of it


lilmama - November 21

Walmart or any drug store. It is very common. They have other brands also. Mederma is what i tried though. Good luck!


m - November 22

Dez, I'm surprised to see you. I figured you might have gone into labor over the weekend. Did I read that you are being induced tomorrow if it doesn't happen before then? What a Thanksgiving gift! Good luck.


Dez - November 22

yea m, still havent had my baby, and no signs of labor coming soon on its own. check out my almost 41 weeks and need some advice thread.



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