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Marilyn - April 28

Hi I am 14weeks pregnant and I wanna know if anyone of you out there has the same problem that I have, My problem is I cannot eat and no matter how I try I cannot swallow the food..Is this normal???? So far I have not gain weight yet....Please advise..


Amy - April 28

Hi Marilyn...I know what you are going through. Its very frustrating. In both of my pregnancies, I went through this. My first, I lost 40 pounds in the first couple of months because I couldn't eat. Then it went away. This time around, I am almost 17 weeks, I went through it til I was about 15 and a half weeks. But now my appet_te has returned and I can't eat enough. Maybe you can try only snacking on small things all day. Thats what I did. I have only gained 2 pounds but the baby and I are both healthy. If you are really concerned..please talk to your doctor about this. Good luck


Karen - April 28

I had a similar problem in my first trimester. I did as amy suggested ate smaller meals. I found that drinking a gla__s of V8 veg juice help when I could not eat. Sometimes the sight if food would turn my stomach. I well into my second trimester and so far I have gained 9 1/2 pounds. My baby and I are doing great and growing fine. You will be ok and soon be able to eat. There is still somethings that turn my stomach so I stay away (namely my own cooking !!!)


Sam - April 28

Hey, I'm 15 weeks and am going through the exact same thing you are. I've lost 12 lb and gained 2 so far. I think my stragedy is to force as much food down my throat as possible, then deal with the consequences later.... I know I'm going to see that food again, but I guess I figured even holding food down for a couple of minutes is better than not eating. So far its working. I've gained 2 lbs!!! Lately I've been living off of Carnation Breakfast Shakes and baby food. At least it's got vitamins and it won't hurt on the way back up....Sorry, TMI.


Audrea - April 28

I know what yall are going through. I am just now 16 weeks and finally stopped vomitting on an all day basis. I too lost over 10 pounds and finally gained about 2 back just this week. I still get sick but it is more like every other day now. I didn't even try to eat when I felt so bad because it was of no use at the time. It will get better. My Dr. told me in the beginning it is okay as long as you stay hydrated. I had to take meds to keep from vomiting all day long to help me.


leelee - April 28

hey i am 9 weeks and have the same thing going on i smell the food and then dont wanna touch it.GOOD LUCK


Marilyn - May 1

Thank you guys so much....It's funny coz I hate my own cooking too same as Karen (acckkkk)...I dont even wanna smell anything is this house so my husband is now eating fast food most of the time...THanks for the messages, now I am not worried anymore...


Grossed out - May 1

hehe...i am 11 weeks and today i had a couple of plain buns dunked in coke (yes)for breakfast, rice and sardines (yeaaach, dunno why i ate that) for lunch, a slice of pineapple to keep the lunch down, a raspberry slurpee for snacks and a doughnut for dinner. before anybody judges me, just saying what I COULD swallow down.



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