Can T Have Cravings

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? ME - May 19

I now this will seem bad to most of you but oh well! im almost 6months pregnant and i crave things i can't have i don't mean chocolate ice cream and pickles i mean i would die for a newport cigerette. and i never would do any thing to harm my baby!!! but i smoked weed before i got pregnant i would die to get get high right now! anybody else craving things they CANT have. i need some support of corse like i said i would never pick up my bowl of but smokes. thanks


Me - May 19

Well I quit smoking cigs when I found out I was pg and yes, I do still crave them even though the chemical crave is not there. When I get stressed I crave them really bad though. We don't go out really anymore now that I'm pg and now that summer is here, we usually like to go out to festivals and bands and stuff and I'm the party pooper. I miss being able to cut loose once in a while and all the stuff going on in the summer doesn't help. I don't mind being pregnant. I just wish it was during the winter instead of summer! I'll live though.


Me too - May 19

I smoked ciggs for 10 years and quit the day I found out I was pregnant.(I smoked the whole way through my first pregnancy, not that Im proud of that) Ive had cravings, and I have had only a few drags, not so bad! As for pot, Im a heavy smoker, I know shame shame on me, Im on day 7 with no weed, I get paraniod about going into labour when Im high so I stopped. My husband smokes weed alot so it is hard,but i dont give in. I wouldnt advice picking up that bowl of b___ts either, but a drag off someones smoke is harmless, just dont overdue it, sometimes one drag can lead to one cigarette and so on. I'll never go back to ciggs(YUCK! and think of money I'll save!), I want to live to watch my kids grow. I hope my experiences help you, know your not the only one, its awesome you were able to quit, alot of people cant!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 19

BEER! I crave beer like you wouldn't believe! All 3 of my pregnancies all I want is BEER! It sucks, it sucks, its sucks. And the thing of it is, i'm not much of a drinker, just the occasional beer when we have friends over or the random gla__s of wine when we go out for Italian food. Just another reason I can't wait until Novemeber. :o)


Jen - May 19

I just want to slam a Margarita. I have been eating alot of spicy food and it just sounds soooo good to me. Cant wait only 5 more months!!


Ellie - May 19

I would love a wine cooler right now. My boyfriend keeps drinking infront of me.


? me - May 20

Im so happy it's not just me i felt..... dirty i guess oh girls only a few more long months and we can have our drinks and ciggys


P - May 20

I just about died when I started craving beer!! Like tiffani, I'm not much of a drinker but loe and behold! I was craving like crazy!! I was so freaked I didn't even tell anyone. Then I casually mentioned it to my sister and she told me it was really common. Phew!! I'm not a raging alcoholic! lol The cravings stopped after a few weeks.


nelly - May 20

i never drink i have only been drunk one time and i was 21 that was 2 years ago and i have not had a drink sense then and i crave a tropical alcholic beverage but i will not even think about drinking while im pregnant i am almost 31 weeks so i have not got long to go and if i still crave it i might have a little after the baby is born and we are all settled i dont want ot get drunk i just want a little taste.


FYI - May 20

My doctor said that an occasional gla__s of wine or a beer is absolutely fine. He told me to enjoy it and not even feel bad about it. It is okay!



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