Can T Stop Eating Sweets

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Cath - November 9

I used to be an avid Zone dieter and always watched my carbs but now I can't stop eating sweets. I'm worried. I'm not overweight but I probably will be after this. Also, I feel like a diabetic now always wanting chocolate and candy. Anyone else getting crazy cravings for sweets??


Cathy - November 9

Oh My gosh. You sound like me. I was on the South Beach diet forever. Very low carbs, no sugar. Now that I am pg that is all I want. I have gained 18# but my doctor said not to worry. My sugar is fine so I just go with the flow. I will b___stfeed so hopefully that will help take off the weight after the birth.


J - November 9

I am 36 weeks and I have craved candy the entire. I have eaten more candy in the past nine months then my whole life. I have gained 47 pounds and I still have one month to go. Just be careful, I am so depressed now b/c I am scared I won't lose it very easy and I have always worked out and watched what I ate. So you are not alone, I can't stop myself from eating candy or sweets it sucks!! But oh well, at least I get a baby out of it.


Lisa - November 9

I have never been on a diet my entire life; I don't believe in them. But, I can relate to the sweets. Since I've been pregnant I've been craving chocolate bars and stuff. Things I would only rarely have's hard to say no so I've been giving in a lot. But, as along as my weight stays good (and it is) I'm not going to worry too much about it.


Kicker - November 9

I crave candy also! Not so much chocolate, but I love suckers and Now and Laters or Skittles! At the grocery store the other night I bought a bag of Marshmellows because I had been craving them! Oh, they are so good and cute too! lol


Cath - November 11

I am 18 weeks and have gained about 10 to 12 lbs. Every time I tell myself I'll be careful, I falter. I never ate ice cream before and now my DH is giving me bowls of it at night since he loves it and I don't say "no". Yikes. I hope I haven't gained a lot for where I'm at (week 18)!?!?!?



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