Can The Ultrasound Could Be Wrong For A Month

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jane - April 8

do you think that ultrasound could be wrong one month older ?just wondering


vane - April 9

no idont think so it cant be wrong for a months a days yah!


yaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!! - April 9

it can!!! yippeeee!!! thank you!!! yesssss!!!! wooohoooo!!!!!! alright!!!!!! thats just what i wanted to hear thank you for asking that question!!!!!!!!


jhing - April 10

what kind of answer is that yaaaaaayyyyy?


lisa - April 11

how many times did you have a ultrasound if more than one they accurate about the due date but not gonna be one month older to what you think.


tiffani - April 11

I don't think they could be off by a month, but a week or 2 is possible. If you have your ultrasound in the first trimester it is generally very accurate because babies grow at the same rate in the first 12 weeks.


Carol - April 11

I agree with Tiffani - early utrasounds are VERY accurate. They are not wrong - the doctor is


tess - April 11

i agree with teffani and carol also if you have your ultrasound in first stage of pregnancy its could be wrong for a week but not a month dont worry to much i know its kind of new to you but trust your doctor.


tess - April 20

i think its not cant be wrong also if you got the ultrasound more than once.just remember the majority of pregnancy are between 37 to 42 weeks so it could be come early than you expected


ann - April 21

why you not ask the doctor?


J2ahn - May 15

Ultrasounds can be wrong by at least 2 weeks. I know for a fact of when I possibly conceived as I only had s_x that once. Df was gone for 6mo. and only stopped in overnight. I am now 7wk5days from last menstrual but the ultrasound came back 9wk4days. There is no way possible I am that far along.


Ti - May 15

Are you suppose to get your utlra sound during a certain month of pregnancy?? How come I'm not getting any ultra sound and I'm 2 months pregnant already.



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