Can They Really Sense Something

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~N~ - November 9

Is any one else having problems with their pets? I have Two Two year old cats and a six month old Kitten They are my babies I love them more then any thing well my neighbor told me that when you get pregnant Anmials can sense it and they will cling to your every move well i am 22 weeks and for the last id say 8 weeks my one two year old cat has to sleep on me when i sleep he is driving me up a wall and he is always following me around which he never used to do then the six month old kitten with in the last 6 weeks wakes me up EVERY night at least twice Licking my hair and my forehead I love my boys and the sleeping on my feet i can handle but i cant stand the feeling of a cats toungue the kitten is making me want to rip my hair out (but hes such a sweety) is any one else experincing anything like this with their animals


Becky - November 9

My 2-yr old cat has always been lovey and likes to lick and purr. He sleeps next to me, but since I've been pregnant (I'm 21 weeks), it seems like he's been more lovey than usual, too. Oftentimes he'll curl up right next to my tummy and purr. It's got to be really loud for the baby! I've always heard that pets can sense things, so maybe he IS acting different, but maybe I am just reading more into it. I've heard of other pets that acted differently, so I don't know if they all can sense it, or just some.


E - November 9

Yeah my dog has not left my side from the time I wake up until I go to sleep...My husband says he can sense it and I agree


M.A. - November 9

I had a dog last year. He's pa__sed now, but he was so sweet. He was a golden retriever/lab. We got him from the neighbors when they moved about three years ago. Anyway, we live on the bottom of a hill. We would park on top of the hill, and everytime I would walk up or down it he would lead me like he was my bodyguard. He was right there in front of my feet. Now that I'm pregnant again, my six year old cat is doing the same. But she's bugging me. She trips me more than he did. And her brother follows me everywhere in the house. The cats are more trouble than help when it comes to leading me around!


Cathy - November 9

Yes! My 3 year old lab follows me everywhere. He sits outside the bathroom door. When I am in the shower he sits right outside the stall. Everytime I go into the bedroom he is there. He's everwhere. LOL One of my cats is not very social and spends most of her time in the bas____nt, but in the last few weeks she is constantly on the couch when I watch tv, sitting right above my head. My other cat, just sits and stares at me. It is so funny. I know my dog know, I tell him, "kiss the baby" and he nuzzles my tummy. It is so cute.


beth - November 9

My Mom's cats are usually very anti-social. They practically run away if you look at them wrong. But now when I come over and visit they are all over me!


denise - November 9

I have 2 dachshunds a male and a female. The female hasn't changed a bit but my male ever since I got pregnant has decided to get me up in the middle of the night to go out. I guess his logic is to prepare me for motherhood. Little does he realize I don't appreciate his efforts. I have caught him kissing my belly a few times which i thought was cute!!!


Rachael momy2lucas - November 9

My two dogs, who are my babies also totally knew something was up. They were very interested in the baby things and his room. They would always be laying in there and playing, the little one liked it under the crib. They were interested in my belly. Now that he is here they protect him and kiss him and always want to be near him. They have always followed me around. The big dog has been a little jealous but I just give him enough attention and make sure he gets walks and knows we love him. They love their baby.


D - November 9

My 2 cats & my Mom's dog hasn't acted any different really.


erin - November 9

I had this happen with my neighbours' dog only it was negative instead of positive response. I had known that dog since he was a puppy but when I got pregnant he began growling and barking at me and wouldn't let me in their house. So I couldn't go there anymore. Don't know what it was, but he was fine with the rest of my family.


Amanda - November 9

I am not going through the same thing but it is quite a funny story maybe a little advice try not to sleep in the same room with them , cause I have two dogs and they wake me up all the time. So now I put them downstairs and I would like to try to get my sleep now rather than if I had a baby and couldnt get any sleep.


Samantha - November 9

My 1 year old cat follows me everywhere! When the baby kicks hard, he will come to me and sit on my belly!! He does that all the time now. When I was pregnant with my first, I lived with my mother, and she had 5 cats. They were all over on me. Sit on my belly, sit next to me, sit near me. When the baby was born,one cat loves to sleep in playpen or on the bouncer chair, and even in crib! I had to move him! The cats are really bond with the baby!


Jill - November 10

My cat has been sniffing me like I smell funny. I a__sume he can pick up on the hormones. I have to be careful about him getting on my belly- he weighs 20 freaking pounds!!!!!


bump - November 12




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