Can This Go Any Slower

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Really Grump - May 10

I understand that im supposed to be happy and this is my bonding time i feel like this pregnancy is hardly progressing im 22 weeks tomorrow and feel like iv'e been pregnant forever (and i'm not showing in the slightest bit) maybe thats why? anbody feel this way or did?? is it going to speed up any?


lil - May 10

dont feel bad i cant take this no more, i feel so anxious i'm only 13 weeks and counting days and hours and not showing at all my god this is taking for e-everrrrrrr.


Lissi - May 10

I know how you feel. It's DOES take forever! At least that's what it feels like to me.


Carol - May 10

It does seem to take forever and accept for feeling like c___p sometimes I am enjoying it. These are the last few months that you will have to yourself. ENJOY IT You will be wishing you were still pregnant when you have a screaming baby who won't sleep at 1:00 in the morning....


Alison - May 10

I am waiting to get past the 12 week mark (have had 2 miscarriages) and it feels like it's taking forever! (I'm 6 weeks on Friday) time just seems to crawl when you want it to go fast doesn't it! xxx


?? - May 10

Hey, I can relate now that I'm 38 wks but I worked (still working) the whole time and that did help the days go by...


Maddie - May 10

In the first few months, I was planning a wedding, then moving into an apartment with my husband, and all while I was working, so it went by pretty good for me. Now, I'm at 34 weeks, and it seems to be going slower. I still am not done with the nursery yet, and we have to get the crib. I recommend procrastinating, then it'll seem like things are going by faster! = )


Karen - May 10

I can relate to that. After having one miscarriage my first three months were a real nervous time for me. I looked at the calender 100 times a day. I now mark the time by events to happen. Eg I have exams at the end of June by that time I will be 27 weeks etc. I cant wait and the HOT summer does not help either. Good luck to all you ladies. Dont worry Alison the time will soon past.


Alison - May 10

Thanks Karen I look at the calendar too much too! Also I count down to events eg my first prenatal appointment with the midwife is next Wednesday so I'm focussing on getting that done then I'll concentrate on the scan date once I know it! Thanks for the rea__surance I'm sure I'll look back in a few months and it will seem quicker looking back. I hope the time starts to go quick for you too! xxx


vanessa - May 10

You girls are funny! I too feel like I've been pregnant for MONTHS and I'm only 6 weeks. I, like Alison, am nervously awaiting the 12 week mark as I just had a close friend suffer a miscarriage last week - she was 7 weeks. It's scary and feels very real now... trying not to worry but it's hard. I'm excited about showing but I have a feeling it will be a while. I'll probably just look fat for the next 6 months. :)


Alison - May 10

Vanessa I can't wait to start showing too! When is your due date? If I calculated mine right it is 6th January :o) roll on 12 weeks (or 24th June!)


monica - May 10

I sometimes wish pregnancy would only be 2 trimesters. Yes it can take forever but it seems to go faster at the begining. I am 28 weeks and it seems to be taking forever now... I want to meet my baby already.


ES - May 10

My pregnancy was very slow in the beginning and the middle got better I think because I also have had miscarriages and I felt like this was real. Now at 30 weeks or should I say beginning my 30th week I am absolutely sick and tired of waiting and every day seems to take longer than the last. I hope it gets better but my goodness I want to have my baby and enjoy her.


Mary - May 10

It should take forever! After all we are preggers for the best part of one year!


Misty - May 10

Ooooooh Mary. :-( Now why did you have to go and say something like that? Bad preggie, bad bad bad. :-) I knew pregnancy felt like it was taking forever, but I really wasn't that bothered by it till you brought up the fact that 9 months really is a good part of a full year. Ahhhhhhhh. That is o.k. though. I'm at 17 weeks. Most of that year has already been gone through for me right? :-) j/k.


vanessa - May 10

Hi Alison. I am due on December 31st. I will be 7 weeks at the end of this week. I can tell you that I have not suffered a previous miscarriage - this is my first ever pregnancy - but I am equally as nervous about the possibility. I think the worst part is that 99% of the time, there is NOTHING that can be done to prevent it. It's genetic. That makes me feel very vulnerable and I hate it. Hang in there with me... we can and WILL hit the 12 week mark.. together!


ES - May 10

Does anyone feel like this is an extended version of what I call nonexistant days off. Work days take forever but when your off work time seems to disappear? I hate that.



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