Can Too Many Abortions Affect Future Fertility

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L - April 7

Can having two abortions affect future fertility? Has anyone out there experienced this???


mandy~ - April 8

Can too many abortions affect future fertility ??? just the thought of doing that makes me sick to the stomache.


SY - April 8

I think you guys should back off. L is not asking you what you would do, and you are not in her shoes. L made her choices for her own reasons, none which concern any of you. I do not personally agree with it either, but you guys make me sick. And no L, abortion does not cause infertility.


to SY - April 8

this forum is for advice,opinions and comments,and this is what we are all doing,SY we didnt ask you what you thought did we!!!


michelle - April 8

First trimester abortions should not affect fertility. Second trimester abortions can affect the ability to carry to term. This is a valid question and should be treated as such. There is no reason to be nasty.


ll - April 8

Abortions were created for a reason, and if we didn't have them think of how many children would be abused or without homes, hungry, lack of emotional connection and education!! The world is already an overpopulated place, God created man and man created the process of elimination! Many animals in the wild will kill their young if they feel they can't take care of them, such as a lion with her cubs! I had a cat that killed one of her kittens since she had so many and knew it wasn't possible for her to feed and bring them all up!!! It's only mother nature!


To L: - April 8

Ignore the rudeness of others and you should have little trouble concieving and carrying provided that the abortions were done in a controlled medical environment by trained professionals. I have walked in your shoes and as I sit here 6 months along I am both blessed to be here but I do still remember the earlier choices I made and why. As long as you are healthy you will be given a chance to raise your child.


question - April 8

Are abortions considered miscarriages? If they are, if you have more than two would'nt that make you at high risk?


tara - April 8

Too many abortions do not effect fertility. But if you have had more than 1 abortions make sure your doctor is aware with the next pregnancy because the pregnancy might be considered high risk depending on how many past abortions there has been.


to question - April 8

after 2 or 3 m/c the pregnancy is high risk because there is a greater chance of another m/c compared to a women who has had none or 1. With abortions is topic is still being looked at as technology has come so far and chances of m/c after an abortion is minimal. But fertility is not affected.


Karen - April 8

Every woman is different. A friend of mine had several( no judgement please) and I was there to support her all the way, although I did not agree to her decisions I give her the support she needed. She now has a perfectly healthy normal three year old. However I have heard of other women who have had several when young and have problems concieving or carring to full term. I had a miscarriage last year and was never pregnant before. So you never know. If I were you I would go to the doctor and have a self exam if your that worried, but I am sure you will be ok. No one should or have the right to judge you or anyone else. At the time my friend had hers, the reasons were strong and seemed logical and the reason why I did not judge was because I was not in her shoes and did not know what I would have done. To all the judgement folks having an abortion is a diffcult decision to make and the aftermath is worse and experience this through my friend and it was the worst so judging someone only makes it worst. All the best and keep us posted on your progress. Good luck


karen - April 8

JI have also heard that BC pills can affect fertility as well. You never know. Good luck


monica - April 8

how many years would you have to be on BC in order to cause infertility? I was on the pill for 5 years and 2 months after I was off the pill I got pregnant.


Karen - April 8

Monica every woman is different. I was on the pill for about 8 years and I didnt get pregnant tell about 7 months after, loss the baby and now am going into my second trimester. I know a lady like you got pregnant right after she came off the pill. So it all depends, some experts even say they(BC's) may cause cancer. All I can say is that it all depends on your body.


monica - April 8

I beliver bc caused my fibroids. I am also in my second trimester too. I am 23 weeks... so far so good. I do not want to go back on the pill after I deliver but I also do not want anymore kids.


Karen - April 8

I have not decided what method of brith control I am going to use. This is my first so I am undecide if I want anymore. I do know not right after maybe a year or two. Like you I dont want to go back on the pill either. I will just have to explore other options. Take care


for L: - April 8

the thing about abortions and the probable possibility of it causing infertility might have been true years and years, and years ago. However, things have advanced now and as long as you have gone through a trusted clinic you should not have any problems. But when you do get pregnant and will have the baby make sure that your Dr. is aware of your history so they can take the proper precautions.



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