Can Too Much Chocolate Harm The Baby

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Fab - April 26

Oh ! i'm 8 weeks away from the due date and I sometimes have so huge cravings of...chocolate. I just wonder if that could harm my baby to have too much - and how much is too much? I don't have it everyday - but when I have it - oh boy - that's in big quant_ties and of course, no need to say that after I ate it , baby is dancing in there! Other than that craving, I eat pretty well - lots of fruit and veggies - wheat bread etc...


Lovely - April 26

The only way too much chocolate can be harmful is if you are diabetic, which it doesn't sound like you are, or you fall under a Hershey's truck in your savage hunt for the sweet, dark, sinful, mouth delight.


syn - April 26

I was told that too much sugar makes the baby grow to fast. (my midwife told me this). so that things may not divelope like they should. I am over weight and i love my sugar so for the last 2 and a half weeks i have been on a bit of a diet. lol, I went 3 day with no candy and after that just a little with days in between with out. I actually feel a hole lot better. lol, think i like to babble today


BBK - April 26

It's a good idea not to have anything in excess. Chocolate does have small amounts of caffeine, and quite a bit of sugar added so it's better to not overdo it.


April - April 27

BBK's right... chocolate is on the list of things to avoid because of the caffeine. I LOVE chocolate but won't allow myself to eat too much of it, plus I've been trying to stay away from sugar.


Fabienne - April 27

oh ok - thank you ladies. I feel bad to have given in...anyway - i'll try to be careful from now on. God bless you all :)


nicole - April 27

the only way to be affected by the trace amounts of caffeine in chocolate is to literally eat 7 lbs. of it, and even then that only equals a cup of coffee. but i have the same question only regarding caffeeine. i was wondering how much is too much, ill typically drink a couple cokes or mountain dews a day, so i was wondering what is a safe amount to drink. i didnt drink as much in my first or second trimester, but someone said that it wasnt too much of a worry in the third trimester bc its mostly facial feature development, which im not quite sure i believe. but yea how much caffeine is safe? that and i rarely drink water i just cant bring myself to do it, so all i drink is milk, juicy juice and soda, how bad is that?


April - April 27

Nicole if I were you I would start forcing myself to like water. Some of the things you're drinking are very sugary, and not good. You're not even supposed to drink a lot of juice in a day, I think my dietician said you should only drink one or two gla__ses of juice a day (because of the sugar in the fruit). Water will make labor go easier too so I've heard, can prevent premature labor, plus it's better for your body all together. They say you're supposed to drink AT LEAST 5 8oz gla__ses of water per day... Maybe even try those new flavored waters from aquafina.. they'd be better than soda that's for sure... just check the sugar content to make sure they don't have too much.


littlemrsb - May 13

I read that studies have shown that women who eat a LITTLE bit of chocolate each day throughout their pregnancies generally have "sweeter" babies. It kind of makes sense because the chocolate triggers endorphins (sp?) that make you feel happy, and they say a happy mommy = a happy baby (usually). So, I say, enjoy your chocolate... IN MODERATION! :)



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